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Puma Browser  Puma Browser is a fast and privacy focused mobile web browser with access to new Coil.com premium content network and a new way to support creators directly.

The ad-driven business model turned the web into a vicious, snooping, clickbait-driven distraction machine. We’d like to deliver better incentives for high-quality content creators and offer users a premium, private, and distraction-free browsing experience.

Better search options to choose from:

(default) DuckDuckGo – Privacy, simplified. DuckDuckGo is an internet search engine that emphasizes protecting searchers’ privacy and avoiding the filter bubble of personalized search results.
Ecosia – plant trees while you search the web! On average you need around 45 searches to plant a tree so search on!
Wikipedia – free online encyclopedia, created and edited by volunteers around the world and hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation.
Twitter – arguably the most useful social network according to our CEO :shrug:
Good ol’ Googz if you like it.

Thanks to partnership with Coil.com you can now support the publications and creators directly when they are using Web Monetization.

What you get as a Coil.com member?

Access to all web monetized content everywhere on the internet with strong privacy protection.
Access all exclusive content on Coil Explore.
No tracking. Your privacy is our top priority.
Access the entire video library on Cinnamon.video
Play games on Simmer.io in distraction free mode.
Support Twitch streamers while you watch their streams.
Support creators that have Web Monetization enabled content.

Tweet at @PumaBrowser or email support[at]pumabrowser.com if you have any questions or feedback.

Thank you!
Puma Browser Team

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Puma Browser user reviews :

Best quantum browser out there! Love it, it has more features than Firefox and is really fast!This is the browser that i was looking for. And i have a request,please don’t update the browser to the newest version of Firefox that is really slow.This browser it reminds me of the old and good Firefox! Good job folks!

Browser is very easy to use, is updated regularly, & any issues are fixed!!!! Browser is highly recommend, great job to the developer (s) keep up the good work!!!!

Just one thing to rate it 5stars.How can i enable JAVA in the browser?I can’t type with my keyboard and login to any account for now.My email . when my finger is on the keyboard the browser quit itself and i have to open from the start and its keeps quitting when i tried to type a single alphabet with my keyboard on my andriod phone.itel P12.Pls f8x this.U have a good browser here.

Kinda completely similar to Mozilla Firefox. No additional features as compared to Firefox. Firefox is more optimized than Puma Browser. Firefox launches in a sec. but Puma takes appx 4-5 sec. to launch the app which is its worst part. I had like to see whats the future uodates that makes it differentiate from Firefox. If possible keep the size as less as possible as it consumes a lot of storage in my device.
  • Puma Technologies
  • Thanks for the feedback. We would like to hear more about the slowness you’re experiencing. If you could contact us at support[at]pumabrowser.com or discord.puma.tech that would be helpful. Also, we do have features like Coil-based micropayments, Handshake support, and ENS support which other browsers do not have. And more features are on the way!

Found it on YouTube. Downloaded it. Played with it. My go-to browser to surf the net as of today. Fast, reliable and secure. If possible, please implement user agent switcher down on the road for system navigation. Thank you

Better Browser app than 95 % of whats out there… This is Free!! It has multiple avenues and learning options!! FANTASTIC IDEA!!! PERFECT AND never boring, news to ABC’s to Elephants, and homemade bread!! Perfect!!!

The app is good. But could you please explain how to save Web pages for offline use? And also how to print Web pages in pdf?

where are the settings: to clear cache, cookies, forums (auto fill in info) NOT THERE in Puma Browser settings How’s Puma missing setting so CRITICAL ‽ It would be very close to 5 star if not for that.
  • Puma Technologies
  • Hey! You can delete data you mention via Settings -> “Delete browser data” or you can set it to “Delete browsing data on quit”. Reach out at support[at]pumabrowser.com or discord.puma.tech if you need any help locating it. Cheers!

Great.More faster than chrome and I find it no bugs or glitch to me.Tnx for the developer

Kind of a firefox copy but really good!
  • Puma Technologies
  • Thanks for your review! We do have features that others browsers don’t, such as Handshake and micropayment support. And we are privacy-focused, with no ties to Google. If there are features you’d like to see, we’d love to hear – support[at]pumabrowser.com or discord.puma.tech, and if you enjoy the app, consider rating us five stars as well, thanks!

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