Punch Bob – A mix of brain teasers and wrestling games

[Game] Punch Bob

Punch Bob  In the blue corner, weighing in at staggering 500 pounds – Punch Boooob!

Maybe he doesn’t look like a hero, maybe he’s a couple of pounds overweight, maybe he’s out of breath just standing in his corner… But deep inside of his big-boned body there’s a heart of a true warrior!

And what’s his weapon you may ask? Forget about bullets and triggers! Bob doesn’t need weapons. He is the most mighty one on this planet… Just toss him at his enemies and enjoy their screams of fear. Once Bob crashes at them, they will know the fight is over.

Punch Bob is a mix of brain teasers and wrestling games. Your goal is to smash all the enemies on the screen with your fighter’s body. Watch out for the traps and put up a good fight!

Why you’ll love this WWE puzzle game:

Funny physics gameplay
Hundreds of challenging logic games
Original fighting mechanics
Cool outfits for your wrestler
Amazing bonus levels

Can you solve every tricky puzzle at the first attempt? Turn your brain on and join the epic adventure with Bob now!

Download Puch Bob and enjoy one of the craziest puzzle games. Tons of new logic challenges are coming soon.


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Punch Bob user reviews :

I thought this would be a proper boxing game as the ad showed, swipe this way to punch, swipe that way to block and all that so I am a bit disappointed but other than that I really like the game.

It has potential, looks good, but for the love of god… Ad after ad after ad. 30-40 second ads after a 5 second level? Give me a break, I understand that developers need to make money, but this is pure money grabber, I cannot recommend it.

This game is fun but there’s too many ads but it’s okay

Pretty good but I will love it more if you can buy outfits or unlock random and rarity and more modes like is pretty good the game but the graphics is like good and add more levels like to be a simulation game and that was my point thanks that is my feedback

Great the game is fun! And guys, if you run into a AD, and you exit the game and go back in, the AD will be skipped

Very good game I just don’t like hostages they sound like the sound is moaning and I like ho there’s no trys

I love it and if you run into an AD you can leave the app and get back in without having to watch an ad

It’s great a bit of ads but every game has ads I just don’t like the way you jump bit other than that its great!

This game barely has ads, I love it and I love to see that not all mobile games are scams with barrages of ads.

I like it so far. Lots of ads but most skipable. Funny sound fx & music. Hilarious characters.

This game is so fun but there is a lot of ads so I just put on airplane mode

Nice game, nice graphics accept too many ads like srsly so it deserves a 4 star

It’s a very nice game and it’s really hard to get all skins but I think it needs more skins

This game is very funny game when man dance that time it very funny. And this game is good for time pass.

I love it but i cant get any caricatures can I get every caricature

This game is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo amazing but there’s soooooooooooooooooooo many ads

This game is the best you jump at the enemy and its funny i like the hulk skin its my favorite

Not super challenging but that’s ok. What it lacks in challenge is more than makes up for in therapeutic value

You could move more and kill and its fun and get hooked and im good at it.

It’s a really good game but when they get hit it doesn’t fit were I am hitting but is really good.

Guys it’s a solid three and a half star I’m sorry it’s my choice bcuz it’s like little bit of ummm boring and the ad said there will be more but its soo boring so I’m sorry game

Very convenient controls. Makes you feel like a superhero.

Just great things about this game is detail the graphics just amazing

Pretty fun & funny game! I’m enjoying it quite a bit so far.

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