Puppy Rescue Patrol – Exciting action are waiting for us

[Game] Puppy Rescue Patrol 2

Puppy Rescue Patrol  Puppy rescue patrol is waiting for its hero adventures!

This time rescue team gives for free an exciting runner to go through from the series of shooter games for boys. Superheroes are on service! Try a lot of different levels, new fighting tools and superhero games, which any cartoon doesn’t know. It is much more better to play a dynamic shooter than just to watch cartoons. Superhero movie, exciting action are waiting for us.

Puppy rescue patrol watches over the order of one thousand universes and all the inhabited planets and it is always ready to help all peaceful citizens. As well as all our games to go through, our runner for boys has a lot of playing levels and unique enemies, which should be fought by brave superheroes. But to get a victory over super evil, it is not enough just to get into action. Super evil is not just like play with toys! There is a teamwork needed and of course the full team of rescuers, which we are going to collect before we have a fight with bosses. Feel the victory with every cell of your body! Make your own superhero behavior and win super criminals by your own, this is much more better than just to watch cartoons, where other superheroes are doing it. Such adventures and bright emotions you can’t get in any cartoon! It is much more better to play shooter puppy rescue patrol than watch even a hundred of superhero cartoons.

Puppy rescue patrol is waiting for its heroes to start new adventures! Leave all your toys, the team of rescuers is waiting for you! Superheroes invite you to a new runner to go through for boys. Play the most interesting superhero shooter for free!

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Puppy Rescue Patrol user reviews :

Great game! My son(4 1/2) loves it, as do I LOL. Great patrol/super hero combination my son is sooooo into both so it was so exciting for him like WOW! we can do with less ads but hey, other then that it’s great. Well done guys

This game is so cool it’s just that when your a level and you use one of your defet botton it loads until it’s full but sometimes it’s to slow to be full so the enemy gets closer to me

Nice app my 4 yrs.old brother loves to play this.But too many ads I will give 4 star for this game!I hope next time no more ads will disturb it’s garbage!!But it’s ok,We can wait the ads ’til the end!Amazing App

such an amazing game when i play it i enjoy a lot i want to say thanks to the creater of this Game but too many ads and I Don’t mean of ads, i just Play this game and enjoy a lot (amazing game )

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This is really good I’d like it if it had a multiplayer that should be awesome!!

I’m not sure what to expect from an online retailer of my life, and a bit like to know about this property offers and discounts are available for next week and a half day and night and day and night and the other handle the year and the there side effects

Very good game easy controls i like this game super good!!

my brother love this game because its so fun but too many ads while he is playing.

I love this game because every time I when i when I get a chest and the game I sooooooooo fun and the game is fun and cool to play

The game is kind of fun but sometimes it is kind of hard and annoying

It is nice to have 4 robots to play with

This is amazing,my brother love it he said it was awesome and cool and he love all of the characters

It’s really fun but if it was a bit easier I think it would deserve 5 starts

This game is so much fun and I have so many skins for chase rocky zuma sky and marshall

Very nice game this game grafics are very nice

I am a kid and I watched it on TV and I like it very much and that is why I installed it

My little brother love paw patrol then he found this game but lots of ads

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