Pythagorea 60 – Can be solved using just your geometric intuition

[Game] Pythagorea 60

Pythagorea 60  Check how well you know the geometry by solving construction problems on a triangular grid.

277 tasks: from very simple to really hard
24 subjects to explore
66 geometric terms in a glossary
Easy to use

Pythagorea 60° is a collection of more than 270 geometric problems of different kind that can be solved without complex constructions or calculations. All objects are drawn on a grid whose cells are equilateral triangles. A lot of levels can be solved using just your geometric intuition or by finding natural laws, regularity, and symmetry.

Just play
There are no sophisticated instruments and moves are not counted. You can construct straight lines and segments only and set points in line intersections. It looks very easy but it is enough to provide an infinite number of interesting problems and unexpected challenges.

Is this game for you?
Euclidea users can take a different view of constructions, discover new methods and tricks, and check their geometric intuition.

Pythagorea users who played on a square grid will not be bored. The triangular grid is full of surprises.

If you have just started your acquaintance with geometry, the game will help you understand important ideas and properties of the Euclidean geometry.

If you passed the course of geometry some time ago, the game will be useful to renew and check your knowledge because it covers most of ideas and notions of the elementary geometry.

If you are not on good terms with geometry, Pythagorea 60° will help you to discover another side of the subject. We get a lot of user responses that Pythagorea and Euclidea made it possible to see the beauty and naturalness of geometric constructions and even fall in love with geometry.

And do not miss your chance to familiarize children with mathematics. Pythagorea is an excellent way to make friends with geometry and benefit from spending time together.

All definitions at your fingertips
If you forgot a definition, you can instantly find it in the app’s glossary. To find the definition of any term that is used in conditions of a problem, just tap on the Info (“i”) button.

Main topics
Length, distance, and area
Parallels and perpendiculars
Angles and triangles
Angle and perpendicular bisectors, medians, and altitudes
Pythagorean Theorem
Circles and tangents
Parallelograms, trapezoids, and rhombuses
Symmetry, reflection, and rotation

Why Pythagorea
Pythagoras of Samos was a Greek philosopher and mathematician. He lived in 6th century BC. One of the most famous geometric facts bears his name: the Pythagorean Theorem. It states that in a right triangle the square of the length of the hypotenuse (the side opposite the right angle) is equal to the sum of the squares of those of the two other sides. While playing Pythagorea you often meet right angles and rely on the Pythagorean Theorem to compare lengths of segments and distances between points. That is why the game is named after Pythagoras.

Questions? Comments?
Send in your inquiries and stay up-to-date on the latest Pythagorea 60° news at

Pythagorea 60 user reviews :

Amazing app, the reason I gave it 4 not 5 is because it doesn’t have the option to “Free sketch” on a blank full screen of triangle grid, also a Sysors tool or Eraser tool is highly needed, undo is not enough … Wish to see in the next update

More of a training aid than a game. Very good but you can’t jump any questions you get stuck on.

I would love this app if it explained ANY of the underlying concepts or how to calculate the answers. I love a good thinking game, and I really enjoy math (especially visually displayed math), but it’s been like six years since I last took a geometry course, and this app just expects me to know everything about it. It gives basic, bare-minimum definitions, but no clues on how to reach an answer. Very disappointing, and I’m uninstalling the app.

As fun as the original Pythagorea, but even more of a brain teaser! Awesome job again, guys! I was sooo excited when I saw this new app suggested 😀

At first I was skeptical, but thinking in triangles instead of squares is its own interesting challenge, and soon I had to dedicate my time to solving every puzzle. Like its Cartesian predecessor, Pythagorea 60 has very elegant mechanics. If you like math, this game is definitely for you!

Very good. Challenging puzzles are fantastic. I wish there were some tutorial type hints though. I don’t know how to find the answers, and an explanation of some of the formulas to use.

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