Raid Dead Rising

[Game] Raid Dead Rising

Raid Dead Rising  As a RPG containing thrilling shooting game elements, Raid:Dead Rising allows players to select different characters as they please or based on stage requirements.

The distinct gameplay makes in-game battles more diverse and enhances the game’s fun factor.

Raid Dead Rising user reviews :

I have a complaint. There are no options inside the game. Pressing the play option automatically enters the game. There is no option to resume,There is no option to increase or decrease the sound, There is no control over the game. Even after pressing the back button, it doesn’t come out of the game as it is, which is very annoying.please help

You have plenty of coins but aside from enhancements, you cant do anything with it. This game requires you to buy gems to spend on purchases. So unless you have a lot of time to grind yourself to a higher level, you’re better off finding a different game like broken dawn 2. Also when you die, the revive screen is in japanese

so far it’s pretty fun, I need to play it more to leave more info, I do wish the character was a little bit larger to make detail more fixable, but doesn’t affect the gameplay obscenely

nice game. the controls are easy and the gameplay is simple as ABC. 4 stars coz sometimes the camera is just too awkward coz sometimes it doesn’t show the enemies hiding for an ambush. so far so good.

Good game but the producers aren’t honest about the benefits. I am on VIP3 and yet don’t get any Benefits of VIP 3 as stated in the game. No 2 chances to Revive or Refresh shop. That’s fraudulent. Fix it.

Love all of your games but this one is the best great graphics, sound and I love that you get to be a guy

Hard game at the super levels but a lot of fun

Awesome but how to kill energy mine their is no options for heavy weapon how to kill big dragon please guide me then uninstall this game

Nice RPG but requires $ to enjoy…

Its just the same to the Alien zone plus but the character is a boy

Another great Hummingbird Games title, console worthy game. Only wish it was a true “twin stick” shooter. It is an auto aim game, but still very fun!

A cyberpunky Action-RPG version, which has clear differences to Alien Zone Plus and Broken Dawn 2. Here skills are by character (some to unlock), and the early missions play a bit easier. All Hummingbird games have a mid-level, whereupon that changes, and the monsters-aliens-zombies become MUCH tougher. But it is stylish fun, and that Armitage look on main char, so cute! I want to unlock the sexy chic though! Fun. for a while, kinda game. Better one of those.

I find this one interesting. Love the addition of new characters and awesome graphics. However, I wonder why the mutants are so difficult to kill and when i was facing the worm it was even more difficult to kill it without using the small robots. The way the gun fires is different from wat am used to. At this point am preferring alien zone to your other games.

New with this game but I enjoy it,nice graphics and and easy to play with,do try this and you’ll know what I mean.

I like the game but wish you could show bad guys coming in.

I think this game is a lot fun than Breaking dawn. Think there are some little things to add up and replace certain objective like you must use medi kits to get a complete an objective. Some times you dont even need a medi kits in a stage but u just have to use it to get a start.. and also make it interactive

So far alot of fun you can buy a ton of stuff early and go easy mode or you can play thru free and still have a blast. Either choice is your. Download and play the game as you want but I’d suggest to play.

It’s not the best but I’ve got a few things that need to be added in the game but you are not going to make it but maybe you could get back to me with a good baulders gate game or something like that for the play store free I’m a fan of the baulders gate series and I was wondering if you ever could get back to me when you have time please let me know if you have any other games like that and I would love to see your beta versions of any other games like that and maybe I could get to be a beta tester for you thanks for your time and consideration and this game .I will take care of this and maybe I can help you out with the betas in the future.

All of your games deserve 5 star rating,excellemt graphics that could still run on low end devices. Also as you progress throughout the game it keeps getting harder, but still it’s fun because of the challenges.

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