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[Game] Rainy Attic Room

Rainy Attic Room  When the game was translated, it was translated rather liberally.

So If you find a typo or grammatical error, please send us an e-mail.

E-mail : naktop88[at]gmail.com

Game Introduction
It is rainy here 365 days a year.

One day, you go to the attic and talk to your depressed friend who lives alone.

Watch as the room gradually changes with heart and water.

It is hard for people to get close right away.

But if you take it easy and slowly get closer, someday, you may see a different side of them by opening your heart.

How to become a friend
1. Listen to their story.

2. Decorate the rooms with different furniture.

3. Clean up spider webs, dust, and other things the room.

Discover the rest in-game.

1. This game is fiction and has nothing to do with reality.
Therefore, do not follow unrealistic or strange content in the game.

2. We don’t recommend changing the time of your phone while playing. This could cause issues in the game.

3. You can see the ads once every 4 minutes. If you can’t see it, try to check it out the internet or next day.

Music source

Privacy Policy

Phone number : +82 10-4882-6924

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Rainy Attic Room user reviews :

An excellent game,helpfull for people with self care disorders.as it can help them motivate themself,i guess.The idea behind the game is an unique one,and i love the art style and mechanichs.But the game is very underrated so maybe the develepoer can get an youtuber play it!

I absolutely love this game and the fact that you don’t have to spend money at all. It’s really calming and cute. Thank you for making such an amazing game

The game is cute and I called my little friend Noshy … everytime I see a game made with unity I know it would be a bad game with low quality but this one is great and I enjoy it quite a lot… Nice.

Is a very nice game. It explains anxiety and depression. I personally love it. The person standing there will get more comfortable with you.

I like what it TRIED to do, but it’s a game that starts by making you wait, which is a bad move. You can’t do anything nice for your friend to begin with. I’m already bored. Also it’s not optimized for phones with notches and the translation is terrible, really compromises the mood. I offerered to fix it for free but the developer never replied. And I KNOW what I said but I’m still allowed to point out you rejected my help lol
  • BORAme
  • Hello. This is BORAme team. You sent “If you don’t want to do that, that’s fine, but in that case, I’d rather you did not reply to this email”. We don’t have plans to send a document of all the English language So we didn’t reply an email. We apologize if you felt bad about this.

The game is cute and I love the friend. I nicknamed them Dove because its a way I call people that I care about and will help them out if I can even if I don’t know them well. I saw one person complaining about the translation,& maybe its my dyslexia but I think the translation are pretty good for something that went to being Korean to English alot of times a lot of words are worded weird or more professionally when other languages get translated into English but the dialoge was casual & normal.

I’m at level 6 rn. It has been a fun experience. It shows how a person transforms, the bg music is also great! This game actually inspires me a bit. Because in real life I, myself, probably am at level 3 or 4. This makes me want to do positive things even though I’m going through a hard time rn. With every level the response becomes more cheerful.It’s the most comforting game I’ve ever played. This is the most heartfelt I’ve written for any app or game I’ve ever played. Thank you for this.

I got this game like a week ago and ive been playing it nonstop. I am so emotionally attached by now, I freak out and get so happy when their dialogue changes to be more positive or they do something. This is the ONLY game where I jump at the chance to watch ads. Talking to the little guy is the first and last thing on my mind every day. This game is AMAZING and helping him get out of a dark place really helps me stay out of it too. 113/10

This app was recommended to me while looking at a different game. I was curious and downloaded it. As someone with depression (and as someone who loves rainy weather), this game is sweet and every time I play, I feel like I’ll never be able to leave. Something about my 2d friend sitting, curled in a ball, listening to the rain in their dingy attic, really draws me in. I want to just sit with them and make sure they’re safe. The atmosphere of the game is perfect. The rain and music is pleasant!

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