Raising Archangel – Meet your fast growing Angel

[Game] Raising Archangel – AFK Angel Adventure

Raising Archangel  Special rewards in celebration of the opening of Raising Archangel!!

Get Diamonds x5,000 + SS-class weapons when you login

A simple and addictive idle RPG is here!
Meet your fast growing Angel

IDLE Growth RPG that adds fun; action and simple control

Easy operation and auto hunting!
Minimize taps and clicks! Let’s have fun thanks to an easy and fast progress!

Archangel’s spectacular swordsmanship action!
Strong with automatic skills! A Death knight and a Reaper that cannot be easily defeated!

Strong without magic, various buffs and skills!
An attack fast and powerful! With a additional CRIT hits of tremendous damage!

You can be strong even without a partner! Archangel’s quick growth!

Even while AFK, growth continues automatically.
Grow non-stop with a simple and convenient idle system!

Fight monsters and get gold!
Break through the stages with stats upgrades and easy leveling up!

60 kinds of equipment including powerful weapons and accessories!
Compose to make more powerful equipment! Power UP with reinforcement and transcendence!

9 relics with special effects and special costumes!
The stats also increase with the passive effect! Easier to go on battles and adventures!

The joy and fun of growing, farming and collecting are doubled!

Log in every day and clear the daily quests, full of rewards!

Battle Arena where users from all over the world compete! Climb the rankings and become the best!

Defeat the skeleton knights, demons, and demonic monsters with a time limit of 9 seconds!

Infinity Tower
The higher you climb to the Infinity Tower, the more rewards you get!

Dragon’s Nest
Defeat the Boss Dragon and earn ‘Soul Shards’ to grow into a more powerful archangel!

Raising Archangel user reviews :

I have a decent phone as far as mobile gaming is concerned and every once in a while, the game will freeze my entire phone and i’ll have to force a full phone restart to fix it. This is the only game that’s caused it, and i play a fairly considerable selection of games. The game is moderately enjoyable overall, but this issue is quite the hinderance.

Honestly, the big numbers and lack of customisation is what gets to me. I understand that this is still young game, so I will choose to continue playing it. I love the idea of raising your own archangel, but it’d be better if I can really personalise its appearance. As for the numbers, it quickly gets boring once you get a grasp of the whole game. Suggestion: Maybe a little story of each level? I look forward to future updates :)
  • Super Planet
  • Thank you so much for your great feedback! It would be super awesome to customize your own angel! We will deliver your awesome feedback to our dev. team!! Please feel free to use our 1:1 cs hotline for great suggestions cs[at]archangel.zendesk.com

The game is amazing and the tutorial is short and sweet. There are a couple of things however that need attention. Firstly the achievements do not work. I’m level 9 currently and I have yet to receive my level 5 achievement. The game is linked with Play Games and I can view the achievements for the game however it says I haven’t unlocked it yet. Secondly I’m unable to receive the X2 rewards when booting up the game after being AFK. Other than that, the game is beautiful. Keep up the good work!

Update: Seems that after I posted my original review, there is now an offline progress feature. That, or it was bugged. Either way, I am much more happy with the game. It also seems that after an update, my phone doesn’t heat up as fast as it did. (Or I’m just dumb, but it is better now) So, 2 for 2, my issues have been solved. Enjoying the game. Only thing now is to wait for more content and see what else we get to have fun.
  • Super Planet
  • Hi Sam! Did you know that we give Rest Rewards? Every time you log out for a certain amount of time, you will receive rewards when you come back! When it comes to your phone heating up, have you tried changing the resolution of your screen? You can do it in the settings. Hope it helps!

It’s a nice little “game” but the lack of customization options and, variations kinda makes it boring. Plus power creep and cost to upgrade jumps up quickly. I shouldn’t be struggling as badly as I am nor should I be as broke all the time like I am. But other than that it’s a pretty decent time.

It’s interesting, but the game keeps crashing frequently; and when I tapped the movement speed X2 button for a quest it crashed- I booted it up and it was bugged where I could tap to start but it wouldn’t let me! Otherwise I found the achievement obtaining and progression to work fine. To I do wish we could customize the appearance of the archangel to be unique. I am however otherwise intrigued, and enjoy what I have experienced of the premise.

The game is very very good but they should add styles and guilds to chat with and progress with and make u choose what colours and armour colours u can make and use look cool wearing, they should make it easyer to level up and have more weapons but the game is really good ilove it can’t stop playing it I waited for it for ages and I had to pre order it and I woke up and it downloaded and I almost had a heart attack ilove this game

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