Relaxing Soundscapes – Guide your Mind and Body

[App] Relaxing Soundscapes – Calm your Mind and Body

Relaxing Soundscapes  This App uses Binaural Audio Beat Technology to gently guide your Mind and Body to a perfect state of relaxation.

Binaural Audio Beats use a theory called Brainwave Entrainment. Your brainwaves will naturally match the generated beats per second over approximately 15 minutes when using headphones. This technique allows you to enter many different states of consciousness for Meditation, Sleep, and Concentration. Close your eyes and listen to the Soundscapes for best results!

The second Advanced Binaural Generator, found in the left slide out drawer, can fade between initial and ending Beats Per Second values to gently guide users towards their desired brainwave state. This second Generator can be played on top of the first for interesting multi-Binaural effects. Using the same Center Tone for both Generators (or slightly offset, I.E. 198 Hz for Basic and 200 Hz for Advanced) can also create mind bending Binaural interference patterns.

This app can also be used as a White Noise Generator for sleeping by setting the Binaural Beats volume to low or zero and choosing a background audio.

Terms and Conditions:
IoT Switch LLC takes no responsibility for any harm, bodily or otherwise, you may cause to yourself or others when using this application. This application integrates many different technologies and therefore has many different potential points of failure. Because of this, we do not guarantee that this app will work 100% of the time. All purchases of in-app products are final and no refunds or exchanges are required from us except for as required by state or federal law. This app gathers some anonymous usage statistics in order to better craft the User Experience.

Relaxing Soundscapes user reviews :

Clean and clear design. Good selection of presets. Reasonable upgrade cost to Premium package. A one time charge for life. Will allow you to play other sounds or music in the background. Small download footprint.

I love this app. Small question though, what is the likelihood of adding presets specifically for reiki healing? I would love to see this feature added even though I know it is a little outside the norm. I can adjust the settings to hit some of these by myself, but it is rather time-consuming and sometimes becomes more of a guessing game.
  • IoT Switch
  • Hi Hybrid Hydra! We are actually doing a lot of maintenance and development work on the app right now. If you want to send me a few recommendations on presets to program I can add them to the app over the near future. I can also send some free app codes your way for the great recommendation! Thanks!! Iotswitcher[at]
Love this app!! I use the single speaker setting for sleep and it puts me out in minutes!!!
  • IoT Switch
  • Thanks Mary!! We are currently adding some more presets to sleep to as well
Most apps stress me out. This one is both fun and incredible for some reason the beats seem to effect me positively even without headphones.. alot better than YouTube for some reason. Maybe cos I can customise it to me. I need to get some headphones for the full experience. X
  • IoT Switch
  • Thanks Katy! I agree it definitely still works without headphones too!

Simple, clean, and effective binaural beats generator, which was exactly what I was looking for. If you already know what frequencies you want, this does the job well. The free version is perfectly usable for a single frequency, with only a small banner ad. I bought the upgrade, which adds the useful sliding frequency feature. It’d be nice if more features were added; I’d especially like having a different isochronic tone for each ear.

Perfectly done and incredibly useful tool. Binaural beats are highly underrated and underutilized. It’s crazy to think something this powerful and potentially life-changing is in a phone app. You can either meditate and train for a decade or two (which you should still do anyway) to get into theta orrrrrrrr just use this app. Thank you for making this, I use it daily.
  • IoT Switch
  • Thanks for the great review! Totally agree, it’s so cool that phones can generate this effect through a simple app!

I really like this – it’s easy to use (after reading the instructions). The one thing I’d really like is to be able to select or import my own music as the background music.

I use this almost every night !! The UI is very easy to use as I used to be a Sound Engineer and understand about frequency modulation and how it can be used for a myriad of purposes. I like how I am in control of what I I want to hear. It’s very soothing and I have been getting much better sleep than I have in quite some time. As a matter of fact I am using it now to unwind and get down to the realm of sleep. I would love it even more if you can add more presets to use. I highly recommend it !
  • IoT Switch
  • Thanks Raymond for the great review!!

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