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[Game] retroPod Music Player

retroPod Music Player  The app will show you all the music on your device, sorted by Artist, Album, and a list of all the songs.

Your mp3s can be played, paused, and rewound.

Pick your favorite colors to bring back old memories

The click wheel works just like how you remember, with haptic feedback while scrolling. You can adjust the clickwheel clicker, shuffle songs, and/or repeat all options in the settings.

This was a lot of fun to make, if you have any suggestions please use the email below :)

This app is not affiliated with Apple Inc. nor is it an official Apple app.

retroPod Music Player user reviews :

Great app! I was wondering why I was enjoying this more than the other music app I used and found out it was because of the many different levels of volume I could choose from. I can now pinpoint the exact volume I want using this app. Such a small thing but makes a huge difference. U.I. is great, just wish there are some instructions cause I haven’t used an iPod for a long time but that could be learned with a quick YouTube search. 5 stars.

Hi! I really like this app. Works so fine but I hope you could also add search button. I know that this is really supposed to be like the real iPod but some people like me who have lots of music need to scroll down for minutes to find the song we want to listen so its good if it has a search option too. I hope you will consider. Good app. Thank you!

I’d given it 5 stars and said I was in love with it but I recently discovered something. If you accidentally add a song in wrong playlist, you can’t undo it. That’s gotta change… Edit: all playlists automatically gone. Poof! Just disappeared. And not just once. It happened twice. So I uninstalled.

Its perfect!! I love my iPod (5th Gen) and this takes me back how much I loved listening to music and how simple the layout is. Cool its like my old iPod now has Bluetooth support for wireless headphones. Fantastic job making this music player! Only minor issue i can’t hear the clicker even though its on.
  • James OBrien
  • Thank you Noey! Please check out your devices sound settings for clicker volume, it might be called ‘touch tones’.
This app is amazing. I’m using it as a skin for my old phone. However, I would like to suggest a new feature: the ability to display Photos and Videos, just like an iPod 5.5/6th Gen. Overall, this app is still pretty good. 5/5 stars.
  • James OBrien
  • Thanks mate, I really appreciate it. I’ll see what I can do
I love the experience. Only downside is that the album cover is too small… But other than that everything else is giving the nice o’ iPod Classic vibe.
  • James OBrien
  • Hey Esdwin, I’m glad you like the app. You can see larger versions of the album cover by tapping the middle button on the now playing screen. Thanks for trying retropod!
Reminiscing and just for that 5 stars. When going into artists and then backing away, it glitches for a sec. Also unsure how to repeat or shuffle just one artist. Great overall.
  • James OBrien

    Thank you Oscar. You can enable repeat and shuffle modes in the Settings, then navigate to the artist in the music menu to just play their songs

Wow!! this app is wonderful! My Google Play Music was having some issues, my downloaded music vanished. And I dislike music streaming so I was looking for an alternative music player. Stumbled upon this app which is so perfect! Does the job and very aesthetic, very happy that I downloaded this app!
  • James OBrien
  • Thank you Yandesu, I’m glad you like it!

This is one of the best iPod music player I’ve found here on the Play Store, but could you implement a feature where user could select a specific folder to be scanned by retropod? I will highly appreciate if you could implement that. Thank you!

Very fun idea for a music player. Two problems I encountered: the app will keep running in the background with an active notification unless you force stop it. I couldn’t find a way to properly quit the app. There also doesn’t seem to be a way to browse songs by directories, which is a shame. The monitization works in a way where you can pay for more themes or different types of clickwheels. There does not seem to be any ads.

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