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[Game] Rhythm Hive

Rhythm Hive  Welcome to Rhythm Hive Season1: The stage!

Carry out various kinds of missions, then you can get special rewards for you!
Enjoy songs by BTS, TOMORROW X TOGETHER and ENHYPEN right away.

Rhythm Hive Season 1: The Stage!
The mission “Season 1: The Stage” which you can play in the lobby!
Clear the mission given to each artist!

The happiness reward which begins with season 1.
See the season cards of BTS, TOMORROW X TOGETHER and ENHYPEN right away, which you can see during only season period!

Real-time multiplayer rhythm game that you can enjoy with users from all over the world
Rhythm Hive is more fun when enjoyed with friends who like the same artist. Play now!

Rhythm Hive has Performance Cards!
Use the Performance Cards in the set music and get high scores!
The diverse abilities of cards! Check Rhythm Hive now!

Modes that you can choose and enjoy at your whim
Studio mode that will increase your skill is just the basics!
Play the “Mix Challenge” mode right away, where you can make your own MIX with 3 songs and challenge MIX’s of people all over the world!

Activities for your artist’s growth
Shall we check the diverse activities that you can play in Rhythm Hive?
The artists’ growth continues.

Lovable concept photo
Check Rhythm Hive’s exclusive concept photos that will win your heart!
You will fall in love at first sight!

Mission, a way to enjoy the artist’s music in diverse ways!
Introducing a new way to enjoy the artist’s music.
Let’s go and enjoy the performance in a more exciting way through missions, shall we?

See you at Rhythm Hive right now!

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Rhythm Hive user reviews :

Very smooth gameplay and no ads!! I’m not too bothered about the cards bc I just like playing rhythm based games so I can’t comment on that aspect. My critique would be as follows: 1) levels of difficulty are not consistent across songs — i.e. hard mode is still very simple for some songs but in other songs it’s more challenging. So sometimes it gets a bit frustrating to play. 2) there is no pause or option to leave the game. I get that the point is to play live but at least allow us to pause!!

the live stages no longer work properly for me. I keep seeing, “waiting on another member,” right after I finish a song. all that time playing and not a single reward because of that. another thing I want to mention is that the game still likes to crash on me. PLEASE fix that. it also gets very annoying when the game lags mid-song. oh, and something I’ve noticed while I was playing mission 19 is that i will tap a note, but it’ll still count as a “miss.” why? it was always the same note, too.

The game is really good , but when i’m able to finish it kept indicating errors have occured. It’s such a bummer that not only it just wasted my time playing, my music notes to be wasted for nothing, and not even gaining any rewards, coz in the end the entire game has to restart again (even though my internet connection is at its best status). Please fix this. I really want to play again

it should have been perfect because i like playing games like these, but this game is a bit stressing to play. it’s very hard to attain coins and gems. you can’t buy cards and upgrade it easily. even if you play nonstop, you still wouldn’t get anything in return. i’ve been playing for hours and my coins doesn’t increases. i mean, it should challenge you to play so you can get yourself a reward. i suggest you fix this part ‘cuz i noticed a lot of us points this as the problem of the game.

I would have given 5 stars to this game but recently the live stages no longer work properly. It kept saying, “waiting on another member,” or “An error has been Occurred” because of this i can’t get a single reward right after I finish a song. Another thing I want to mention is that the game still likes to crash on me. PLEASE fix that. PLEASE!!!

The game is great and I love the new update. However, when I go to the live stage mode and complete a song on normal difficulty it says “waiting for another player” and then the screen says “an unknown error has occurred” and does not give me credit for the song completion. This has happened with multiple songs on normal difficulty (and any speed). Hopefully this is just an update bug that can be fixed soon.

This is a great game, It is addictive and somewhat challenging, but since the last update when I want to play “mode” at the end of the game it appears to me “waiting on another member” and I Uninstall the game to see if it fixed but not. Instead now I have to re-download all the songs again. :/ One last thing, it would be great if there was an option to level up the cards or earn coins faster.

The one problem I had with the game when I first got it was that I wanted some kind of level, and more diverse missions. With the latest update they finally did just that!!!!!! Unfortunately, now all the “live stages” glitch right after I play them. None of my progress is shown, I don’t get to see my score, and I don’t get any rewards. I was trying to complete all the live stages with a certain difficulty, but now if I do it won’t count. When they fix it I’ll raise my review to 5 stars!!

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