Rings of Night – Gear out your spaceship

[Game] Rings of Night

Rings of Night  Fleet up with thousands of players to save humanity from The Wyrd Empire!

Rings of Night is a FREE massively multiplayer online (MMO) space combat and exploration game that is easy to learn and impossible to put down!

Gear out your spaceship, fight invasions, blast pirates, and grab the loot!

Join corporations with friends from around the world, or be a privateer in search of alien technology!

There is something for everyone, even if you have just a few minutes or an entire day!

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Rings of Night user reviews :

I strongly feel this game deserves an update. nothing major but graphic enhancements and maybe a few more items. other than that I enjoy the game a lot. Im a proud spellbook supporter mainly becuz of tib but ron still needs to be worked on plz help us give us some changes. improve ui interface too. I give 1 star just to bait the dev to read this… any acknowledgement will yield 5 star review edit. give us hope

What can i say been playing now for over 4 years its highly addictive and easy to play but could do with a little tlc. A great game for those who are prepared to persevere and not compare it to the not so good tib….davvid

Never gets updated – And touching the screen isn’t calibrated. It always clicks to the right if where I tap. Galaxy S21

Very nice game to play. Will keep you busy for hours. And check out the other Spellbook games as well.

Dead game dont install. Was great. Literally no one is on on the servers anymore. Game has finally died. Install the infinite black instead

Red-headed step-child of Spellbook … no one plays

Fantastic game overall. Has tons of great elements in. Much more laid back than TIB. As well as more new player friendly. However, it needs to be updated. It’s behind the times. We all understand TIB is the golden child but this needs some serious attention too. A lot of us are reaching Trans caps and have tons of gear but we are running out of content. With some focus and attention this game could be better than ever. As is I am sad to say though I am only able to give 4 stars. Thank you!

Great Was my review. It being device specific allows Ozzy to delete paid for items. Prove you had them! Well you can’t. This is twice now I can’t get into game. No wonder after this game being on GP for a few years now……only 10,000 downloads.

This for lack of a better description is a pve version of tib. More focused around invasions and farming, etc. Still has pvp, but its not the main focus. Best of all… No black dollars!!! Its all credit based. Great work guys keep it up

Spellbook has been working on a new game called Dire , keep your eyes out , and for their other game The Infinite Black. All are must download and play.

Amazing sci-fi mmo for mobile! Once you get the hang of it or even meet the right people to help there is a lot to do. Hit me up in game and i would gladly help out! Vyndro is my sn

One of my favorite games ever. I have been playing for a year straight now and no sign of me quitting anytime soon. Only thing though it would be nice if you could update the game please. I don’t think there has been an update the whole time I’ve playing.

I played The Infinite Black for a short while before I discovered RoN. You don’t get PvP mobbed like you do in TIB. You choose whether you are PvP active/inactive. Fly around space, shoot stuff, get shot at, sell most loot and upgrade the good stuff. The invasions slowly close in on you, so don’t stand still for too long! There is a grind element to the game (or p2w), but it keeps you on your toes, so I find it challenging.

What’s the point of making us link game to EMail, then being unable to login from multiple devices. My old phone broke so how the hell am I supposed to login from a known device that no longer exists fix this now

Ozy is gradually improving the game. Still a lot to be done though. New players are needed. The mod can be unresponsive sometimes. Come on amcilla. Do it already

enjoy the game very much. Also play the infinite black which is very similar. only thing I wish spellbook did was make it playable on pc like they did the infinite black.

A really good game you can grind everything in not to bad of time by yourself there are a few corps left and a small player base i hope to see this game grow

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