Road Puzzles – Exercise your brain as you solve puzzles

[Game] Road Puzzles

Road Puzzles   Play this free offline casual game full of logical puzzles & fun with your friends and family.

Exercise your brain as you solve puzzles along the way to the parking spot.

Get bonuses for finding the optimal path to the parking spot in the minimum number of moves.

Solve clever parking puzzles with gates, portals, car washes, spray shops, electrical gates, trains, slime, steam rollers, manholes, candies, switchers, yin-yang, while avoiding parking jams.

How to play:

Think about the best way of moving cars
Drag you finger to build path
Tap and park your cars
Avoid obstacles on your way to parking spot
Try different difficulty levels

Collect up to 7 cars to park in your garage.

Find the shortest path for victory.

Get in each level 3 stars.

Unlock extra levels in each chapter.

Explore 11 unique areas.

Can you solve all 295 levels?

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Road Puzzles user reviews :

This game is fun a bit challenging! No problems with lag and instructions are clear. Graphics are awesome. Ads are reasonable and aren’t hard to click the X to get off them. Kudos developers!
  • Buildstep
  • Thanks so much for the awesome review!

In chapter one when player makes a mistake feedback as to what went wrong. Level 20 is difficult to pay toll as car is visually blocking it.

First it was good then it started to be mostly timing based and not much logic puzzles

I this is a very cute and well-made puzzle game. I think the challenges are just right, for different ages and abilities, beginning with very simple, with a helping hand, and you can choose to play more difficult levels if or when you want. I’m not a grade school teacher, my sister is, but I am a Mom and we really like playing and learning order and direction in a fun way with Road Puzzles.

very perfect, including the way the makers implement advert intrusion*. impressive; if yr looking for this sort of game, this is the one you want. *pay for no ads, though, as a complement to the developers. this is definitely a 5 stars puzzle game, particularly a cute one with cars. i can literally find no fault. спасибі for a great game!!

May look like those ads, its anything but! Not the freemium casual game where you get cars to exit a parking lot but a Very competent and challenging puzzler where you need to get cars in thier parking spot according to color, direction, and even cleanliness? Fun and addictive but hard to master, cars move like youd expect so you may need a three point turn to face right way not to mention the obstacles and mechanics, from switches and gates to clowns and UFOs? Not much to spend on its only flaw

Gorgeous!! So stunning and beautiful and unique. Amazing graphics. I really feel like I’m inside the beautiful world when I play! The game itself is very unique, fun and engaging. I really hope you make more lovely games! A+++
  • Buildstep
  • Big thanks for the encouragement!
A free game with miminal ads which requires both skill and logical reasoning to complete the numerous levels. With stunning graphics and enjoyable background music, the player will not want to put this game down. Congratulations to the developers. This puzzle is a pure winner!
  • Buildstep
  • Thanks so much for the awesome review!

So damn cute n then come the hoarder level… zoom your way to strategic thinking, timing and good ‘ol fashioned fun! Adorable, charming n quite challenging! Very cool pass time! Careful car-fulls of carefree coolness!

Challenging little game. Even the easier levels can be tricky. I love that you can earn diamonds easily. Big thumbs up from me!

I love this game it is challenging and fun to figure out each level great job and the fact that there is not a ton of adds is a f- in super.
  • Buildstep
  • Thank you for the review and feedback. Great to hear you appreciate the low-level of ads and the game itself!

Colorful graphics. Very enjoyable game so far. I’m on level 20 so I’ll update if this changes.

Well executed game overall animations are good gameplay is very smooth and overall the puzzle do get hard with time

You can go forward n stuff and you can go backwards n stuff and can park n stuff and it’s lotso fun n stuff. Goodtimes

Lovely little game. Nice level of difficulty OK. Finished the 200. Now where’s the rest?
  • Buildstep
  • We are working a candy land themed area with 20 new levels. We are also working on a level editor to allow players to make and share levels. Thanks for your feedback.

Great fun game with some challenges along the way that get you thinking. Luv it

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