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[Game] Road to Valor – World War II

Road to Valor  Dive into the battlefield of World War II! General, give us an order!

Road to Valor: World War II is a real-time PVP strategy game where you can compete with global players around the world as a General of World War II, the biggest war in history.

Select “Command” that suits your own strategy style and collect various units to build the strongest troops. Fight against swarms of enemies in the realistically presented battlefield. Destroy enemy Headquarter and bunkers to get medals as well as the most glorious victory!

Please note! Road to Valor: World War II is free to download and play, however, some game items can also be purchased in cash. If you do not want to use this feature, please set your purchase password in the Google Play Store app settings. You need an Internet connection to play the game.

Compete with global players in real time. Start a challenge to be a ruler of the world!
You can select factions from among the Allied and Axis powers!
Select a specific command strategy, such as Support Ops, Airborne Ops, Fortification Doctrine, Blitzkrieg Doctrine and more. Combine them with powerful Active Skills! The strategy is the key to win!
Collect different type of history-based units such as Infantry, Vehicles, Tanks, and Buildings. Build the strongest troop and gain the victory. Also, there are some heroes who motivated by real war heroes.
Get rewards from Crates to collect new powerful units or Upgrade remaining units.
Destroy the enemy headquarter and bunkers to receive medals and Reward Crates. Don’t forget to open Free Crates given every day!
Gain Rank Points to enter the higher Battlefield to unlock new and more powerful Units to use. Try until you reach the highest Battlefield!
You can gain or lose Rank Points by each Battle Victory or Defeat. Dive into a global competition with players around the world to become the greatest General in the world!
Create a community, “Corps”. Share units with Corps members from the same Faction and have a debate on winning strategies to enjoy the game even more!

App Permissions
Road to Valor: World War II has been developed to run on Android 6.0 and above with select app permissions. The app cannot be played if the required permissions are not allowed.

Required Permissions
Photos/Media/Files (EXTERNAL_STORAGE): In order to save game data, access to the device storage is required.

Manage and Revoke Permissions
Android 6.0+: Go to Settings > Apps > Select App > App Settings > Permissions
Below Android 6.0: Revoke permissions access by upgrading the OS or deleting the application

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Road to Valor user reviews :

This is a quite cool game. The only issue I have is the slow pace of levelling up. At early levels, there are new units and upgrades to experience. But eventually it takes you hours and hours to get anything. Just kind of plateaus and gets boring quick. Not a game you can play long term. Is cool for a couple weeks

This game is one of the very few which are the “good” kind of mobile game. No forced ads, somewhat fair matchmaking since you can sometimes just get an op opponent, but usually nothing you cant handle. The ONLY thing about this game that I hate about this game is how these kind of troops at lower ranks can just win games. They cloak themselves and when they get to a bunkers its like an easy 1k damage on your bunker before you can react. It gets annoying when the enemy spams them. Great game tho!

This is a fast paced RTS. Its engaging and addictive. Graphics are smooth and its easy to understand and gets to grips with. My only criticism is you could have had the Japanese or Italian factions as opposed to another German plus out of the allies you could have the Brits, Canadians, Free French, Poles and Czechs. All of this though is academic and gives the developers more to play with. In all though its a great game.

After playing the game for about a month, I still think this is the best game in it’s class. The American and German armies are fairly well balanced (I definitely think the Germans have the late game advantage due to their far superior anti infantry units) and even losing a game is very fun and engaging. My only real issue is with the anti tank gun unit for both sides. This unit hits extremely fast, hard and has a long range, often destroying even the best tanks in the game with only 3-4 shots.
  • Dreamotion Inc.
  • Hi Gene! Thank you so much for the detailed feedback. Rest assured we’ll take this into account and keep the game enjoyable for you and your fellow players!
I like playing World War II style games nd this is one of them that I came across to.Like Clash Royale but with the WWII theme.The units are pretty balanced each of them has its weak and strong points. The problem that I have right now is the U.S. Armys Airborn Ops skill D-Day, the amount of troops deployed is too much for me. I was wondering if it is possible to balance out the skill or replace it with a new one.
  • Dreamotion Inc.
  • Thank you for sharing your feedback about the D-Day skill, General! We’ll be reviewing your feedback and look for ways to improve the game for everyone. If you have suggestions, feel free to send them here help[at]
I love this game ! its always unfair in life when u are on the lower end of the specturm unfortunately thats how it works in reality too so im not so concern bout that. All everyone cares about is winning.. i mean the whole fun of this is the annimations, the tactical decisions, sounds,theme, etc. where is the fun when u are always winning anyway. its exactly why its fun because its difficult. Lets all be a good sport shall we:D
  • Dreamotion Inc.
  • Hi Zamasu! Thanks for the great review! We’re thrilled about how much you love the game, and we’re happy you can enjoy like a true sportsman! We hope you continue being one of the best Generals out there, and we will keep the game to your liking!

Last Update :

Soviet Union & Ostheer – New Units have arrived!
Some Units have rebalanced.
Several reported bugs fixed.

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