Robocar Poli – Become a brave rescuer

[Game] Robocar Poli

Robocar Poli  This is game for boys! Save the city playing these cool kid games.

Find out who has super wings in free boys games! Complete missions in kids games for boys and girls!

Become a brave rescuer and help Robocars to save Broomstown and its citizens in “Robocar Poli: Games for Boys!” ! Put out the fire , find the cat , repair the building and much more!

A new Port has been opened recently, and there’s a typhoon there!

Robocar Poli
Free boys games are based on a cartoon with Robocars called “Robocar Poli”. Robocars live in Broomstown, look after its citizens, help in emergencies playing cool boy games for kids!

Complete missions
Follow the dispatcher as she will tell you about all the incidents that happen in town playing cool boy games for kids. In these cool kid games you will have easier missions too: find a missing cat, fix cars and school buses, rebuild gas stations and others.

Use Robocars
Robocars each have different, special skills that can really help you in these game for boys, and someone has super wings:
Poli is the fastest of all, and he will be the first at the incident spot in free boys games.
Roy is the strongest and can handle a lot.
Amber is the smartest and will find a solution to any problem.
Helly will cheer your mood at any time in little boy games!
All of them want to help you in these cool kid games!

Explore all town spots in free boys games
In this game you will respond to incidents on the City Road, on Bricks Bridge and other places in game for boys! Complete mission with Robocars in kids games boys and girls! When you complete a mission, you get an item for your city.

Are you ready to save Broomstown in kids games for boys and girls? Robocars are ready!

Solve incidents in Broomstown playing kids games for boys and girls!

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“Robocar Poli: Games for Boys!” – explore the city with friends! These are kids games boys and girls like!

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Robocar Poli user reviews :

The best Robocar Poli game I played in my life! I love the new location, but there is one problem is that I don’t like it because the subscription is very expensive. Please make the subscription a bit cheaper.
  • DEVGAME KIDS games
  • Thank you for the review! We will consider your suggestion!
Feel like I’m being cheated. After I paid the subscription (which is not cheap at all), there’s nothing new! No new stages or new games. Everything is the same as not paid. The new stage “Broom’s Port” has been stuck in “coming soon” mode for so long and it never comes out! PLEASE ADD SOMETHING NEW! Or refund the subscription!
  • DEVGAME KIDS games
  • There will be an update this month, please wait a little bit!
Actually my son love this game.. The reason for the low rating is because i actually paid for the full version before they upgrade the app. After upgrading, i could not play and i was asked to pay again for membership or something which i find it extremely unfair as i had already paid for the full version n now i could not play. Very upset and angry
  • DEVGAME KIDS games
  • Hey, Mayling! Currently, we are switching all our games to a subscription system. We are really sorry you had to pay for the full version before the update and suggest that we provide a promo code for the paid version of the game. Please contact us support[at]

very disappointed.. my son liked the 1st level for free. so I bought. in the hope of fire missions with Roy his favourite character. there was 1 fire mission and then no more.. with just repetative levels after that cleaning cars. we need some fire missions and new levels created to make it worth anything.

The game looks good and is quite simple to use but asking for £2.09 a week for add free is a bit steep. Can you not just purchase the game 1 off payment? But that said my son does enjoy the game.
  • DEVGAME KIDS games
  • Thank you! We are very glad that you liked our game! For now, the subscription-based system suits us best, but everything might change in the future.

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