Robot Crash Fight – Fight in an arena tournament now

[Game] Robot Crash Fight

Robot Crash Fight  Design, construct and operate your remote-controlled armed and armored robots to fight in an arena combat elimination tournament now!

Robot Crash Fight is the No.1 3D robot combat competition game on Google Play. Build the epic roster of powerful, battle hungry robots and crash your enemies! Equip your machine with incredible weapons and upgrade them to eliminate your opponents!

Game Features:

Be a master engineer: design, construct, upgrade, and improve the ultimate battle robot
Discover dozens of crazy weapons including saws, fire thrower, hammer, shocker, magnets, and much more
Stunning high quality 3D graphics and realistic animations

Robot Crash Fight user reviews :

There’s the foundation of a reasonable game here. Unfortunately many bugs mar the experience, and the game doesn’t feel fully finished. I’m sure there’s more features to come, and it’s a mostly solid start. Yes it’s offline, but there’s too many ads. At the end of EVERY fight there’s an ad, this could be done better with a get more rewards for winning watch this ad type of thing

Good Game, Grapics are Low, Controls are Smooth, Easy to Earn; Money, Golds and Chests. Developer should Add more Challenges, Body, Weapons, Wheels and Gadget, and Add more Difficulties of Enemies.

It is not that good but it’s a start ijust hate that it does not have multiplayer mod and it would be great if it had one

Hey the ones that give 1 star this game is mind blowing if ads turn of internet you. It’s a offline game

Best game in the world but the graphics are good and the robots are cool

The game is so dope and gnarly I love your games please make more such games like this ROBOT CRASH FIGHT

Good game but 2nd stage wont unlock I’ve beat everything else please keep working on the game

I don’t like i,I can’t change or customize my sucks please fix it it’s bad get it fixed.

I was enjoying but can’t do anything past stage 1. I’ll change my review if you get your app working

I love this game I downloaded it some time back but my computer deleted it, but any way I would just like to say this game is cool.

Great job battle bots clone hahaha i love it !

This game 8s vert good Irecvomend to people who like bot fighting

This game is unbangalivible i imagine that was much better than First time I had it before the end So Fun it It BLOWS ME UP I would like to give it Five Stars so Sweet yeah

The game look pretty cool look forward to the next update

I love this game even tho I just got it it’s a lot of fun

One problem I finshed level 1 but i can’t go on the other levels. Keep up the good work. I love this game so much I can’t stop playing it.

I have downloaded this game 3 times this year and it is not a good idea to have this type of game i am sorry but this game is nonsensical because in stage 2 level 11 those two bots with rail guns will always win they will not give you good body look at the that robot with axe at the beginning of the game they will not even give you a good weapon this is a stupid game

I have just 2 big issues. Number 1 i cant get my stage 3 open. Number 2 i would like if 1 can research your bots to be able to fit few more weapons so nead to be able to up my power to accommodate an extra weapon sometime the bot have enough open spots 2 fit 3 weapons but i only can fit 1 or 2 beacuse its power is to lo.

Its so cool can But please add more robots and weapon and more places to fight and maybe put a pvp online multiplayer or an offline or online arena Overall i like the

I have played this game before and won so many times but it never gets boring though there is a problem the levels are a bit small if there were new levels new parts and a campaign and daily challanges that are simple it would change the game alot

one of the best new games I played! its free to play, has nice graphics, and its mechanism is easy to understand . if developed well, im sure it will be great. the bots (enemies) needs buff though. i said that because i literally beat all 20 levels under 3 hours. also, it needs more levels. other than that, its perfect. if you need a beta tester for future development, please contact me because i want to register to be one

Very good every time i play it this game become more attractive very nice awesome i love this game just try it and you love it , but try to give more levels for more interest and make some use of money in this game its totally useless

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