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[Game] Robot War – ROBOKRIEG

Robot War  A free of charge Sci-Fi multiplayer robot war game for mobile devices.

Join the robot force of tens of thousands of real players and drive into ferocious team deathmatch and special Capture The Base mode battles!

Choose from many different robots and drones.

Improve your robot parameters with multiple upgrades.

Join epic robot battles on beautiful cosmic landscapes (Mars, Saturnus and many others).

Cooperate with friends via platoon play or create/join epic clans and dominate in Clan Wars.

Experience entertaining gameplay and thrilling wins!

Enjoy the high-res graphics, detailed robot models, realistic robot animations, moody scene lighting and spectacular particle effects.


Robot War user reviews :

Excellent game, controls & graphics can’t say that about to many games…..but would like to see more of various robots/drones and CITY maps. SAME LAME MAPS IS VERY BORING!!!

Was 4 stars good game, but gets boring with no multiplayer. And knocking 2 more off for prostituting a 5 star rating for in game gold. You can do better.

My experience is amazing and the robot selection is amazing! For anyone who is interested in robot combat games play this

Really nice gameplay but we only need like for winning 5 matches give like extra sliver and maybe even the upgrades ha sa little bugs but its still the bestest game for me

Love this game. Was one of the first games I downloaded. But started noticing a wee bit of lag, laddie.

WOW! this game changed, i remembered when i was a child and i started to play as the spy hovering bot. then for some reason i deleted it. Im probably out of space before.But now.i came back, ready to play it again. PS:hopefully it wont be pay to win

Really great game. Great graphics. The bots are really cool. Also there are so many bots to choose from. The movement of the mechs looks realistic. The controls are also easy. Gameplay is also great. Suggestions for improvement: Should include more locations like grassland. There should be more players in a battle. Should include tutorials and campaign which has a really nice story. The robot’s parts should burst when they get hit. Should be able to customize the bots.

I’m still curious why I always get targetted by my enemies first stronger or weaker farther or closer im always targetted by them like as if I’m a locked on target even if a teammate who is about to die beside me they always target me first like AI bot enemies I’m literally a main target every round

This changed my life forever. I am so enlightened by playing this game that it made me so happy to wake up everyday so that I could jump on my gaming rig and play this game with my friends.

Found this game on Amazon then found it on Android. It’s cross platform unlike war robots. This so far is much more balanced then war robots. I was in champ league on there but pixonic ruined the game in the last six months. Please devs don’t follow there lead. Controls are a little tricky but you soon get the hang of it. I think this game will grow quickly and will be nice to see how it develops.

I start my rating with 5 stars. But will change it accordingly, what i mean thereby is that at this moment this game is awesome. The only thing now is the maps that are very dull. I do not know of robots in space but here back on earth there is a lot. Why do we always associate robots with space. Why not give us some maps here back on earth :-) :=) ÷). Is there point capture if not, please add. will make it more exciting. Thanks.

Just a stupid ripoff of war robots, the damage is nearly negligible, and asks for huge amount of money, just a waste of time and data.

Started playing for two days use to playing war robots. Both games are awesome ,this one has learning curve but getting a handle on it takes short time I’m so use to that when your bot gets destroyed you can get a second or third into the battle it depends on how many boys you have in your hanger and how many hanger levels dictate which bot you choose to select to go into battle. Also need to have info on how to setup blasters. Still once I start to play have a hard time putting it down.

Great game play and graphics!!! Controls are awesome!!! I love this game!!!

When I first saw this game I thought oh it’s a war robots knock off now 5 years later & I think this game is the best robot game I have played it’s easy to upgrade bots & there is no “special” currency that you have to buy & to be honest the alpha bots don’t seem to be that overpowered in fact you can easily match them in the later bots. Love the game & I’m hoping you devs will add in a new faction soon.

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