Rock Collector – Become the first ever rock tycoon

[Game] Rock Collector – Idle Clicker

Rock Collector  Rock Collector game will let you experience how it feels to collect insane amounts of rocks.

Why? Because it’s fun. Why stop at a million rocks if you could have trillions, quintillions or even quattuorseptuagintillions of rocks. Starting your own rock business is easy.

Collect rocks, purchase miners, heavy machines, laser drills and many more to collect rocks for you, sit back and watch your amount of rocks grow and grow.

Level up, complete milestones and purchase upgrades to increase your profits. The more rocks you earn, the better.

Besides rocks you can also collect gems. Gems are beautifully colored shiny rocks which can be used to boost your profits in various ways.

Large amounts of rocks will attract pet rocks, these are cute little rock-like creatures that will boost your profits even further, giving you the opportunity to earn insane amounts of rocks.

Excited yet? Start your business today and become the first ever rock tycoon!

Rock Collector user reviews :

This game has one massive benefit that made me play it for quite some time: no unavoidable obnoxious ads. All the ads you watch only happen if you decide to and usually give you a decent benefit. Now to the downside. I played until around 617/711 milestones and now the game becomes a massive grind. All upgrades are suddenly days ahead, diamond upgrades cost 30 instead of 10 (that you could bring yourself to gain with ads) and pet rock upgrades have a giant gap that was not there before.

No unavoidable ads which I think is great, and it’s the sort of game that isn’t addictive but is just fun to check every few days and learn a new number, but it does condone collecting rocks from other planets so…

Great game, if you have nothing to do or if you have free time. I’m also happy that there aren’t any ads (only if you watch videos for boosts). Overall, it’s a really good game if you’re looking to pass the time.

It is a pretty fun game! Gameplay/graphics are great. Scheme of the game itself is well programmed!

I love it! It is such a great game! I love the idea of the cute silly rocks you collect after prestiging! Great job on this game!

Overall a decent idler, one definitely worth downloading to kill time with. My biggest and only complaint is that my Samsung Galaxy s5 is a HUGE battery hog when it comes to this app. So taking the tool tip for allowing no internet usage past the loading of the game is a huge plus. Only problem with that is If you don’t turn on Internet before you close the app. ALL of your progress you just made is worth nil. Not to mention it’ll roll back a couple days worth of progress. 3/5

At first these type of idle games are quite fun but after already a few days it gets boring very fast because there is nothing new. It just repeats itself. Its a shame there aren’t a lot of games like ‘almost a hero’. That game still surprises you with new things after a year of playing.

This is a pretty fun game, I do wish that the upgrades that cost per rocks were permanent. And I wish that getting gems was a bit easier but overall pretty good game if you’re into idle games

Amazing game very addicting too, no ads yay! Thanks. Also keep up the good work

Good mechanics. Ads arent invasive. Wish there were better explanations of what the gems do.

Its great but I would prefer it to be gold instead of rocks. If your looking to pass time I recommend this game

This game is really fun! When I downloaded it, I thought it would just be another game I delete after my first round, but I was wrong. I’ve only been playing for a little while, but I’ve been impressed.

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