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Rocket Star  Rocket Star is a unique tycoon game where you bring the best talents to work on your spaceship factory.

Your team will build advanced rockets while you research new technologies and launch lots of spaceships to discover new planets!

Manage your space center and get free idle cash to keep your progression even when you’re away or offline – no internet connection is required in this free game! Boost the spacecraft production, fire all thrusters on the launchpad and send your rockets to the stars.

Do you like money games? In this fun simulation game, the most challenging missions await you! To become the next star tycoon, and set foot on the Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and beyond, your idle factory will have to make a lot of profit and craft many starships. Become a millionaire, a trillionaire in this fun money game and start the quest for rocket crafting!

Tap, Build & Launch! Lead your empire in the best clicker game available. Conquer the galaxy with your own space rocket company simulator! Play this cool incremental game now and join the space exploration race!

Idle Game Features:

Idle Factory Sim

Set your team to work while you’re away and get idle cash.
Upgrade your factory to boost rockets production.
Manage resources and automate work to maximize money income and launch more ships!
Watch as your rocket is built in real-time with amazing 3D graphics!
Play offline if no Internet is available.

Space Program

Tons of missions to explore: Launch satellites, build a Moon base, colonize Mars, send cool stuff to other planets.
Hire genius scientists and great entrepreneurs to work on your company.
Have fun watching your mission launch from the command center.

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Be sure to check for updates. We’re always working on ways of improving gameplay and adding new features!

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Rocket Star user reviews :

I really love this game. I play it all the time. But i’d like if you actually let us see all of the stations and not be onlu at the launch place and let us do other tasks. Or if you dont want to do the first idea pls let us fly our rockets and not just tap on 3 buttons and thats it. Im rating this game 5 stars because the game have a potential and i like him very much.

I love the game, but i’d like it if it had a feature where you can preview your rocket thats being built. (Complete version or what it’ll look like.)

I love the game but I like to be in space and I saw all the planets But I rather ited 5, star

So far, cute and fun… Love games like this bc they make cleaning my home fun while i also play.

Great game, great graphics, very addictive

I wish I can go to the space this game is awesome if I go to space I am 8 years old if I get to 30 years then I will go to space I should read so good

Wonderful game great idle game no problem with it so smooth And barely any ads So in conclusion This is a great game like 5 stars and 5 stars and 5 stars for all those little things and 5 stars for the main rating so all together that’s 20 stars! I hope this game gets loads of 5 star ratings and yeah good night or good morning or whatever

I love the game but they are very slow about getting new planets. I have every planet sitting ready to launch rockets and there is no where to launch them to. I even maxed out a couple of planets.

Pretty creative and exciting to play. So far so good

Love your games,this game is addictive I have played 2 hours straight just this game,you guys should download this game

The game was very good and the graphics were great but the only thing that annoyed me was the piggy bank i have so MUCH cash in it and jm not allowed to buy something in a game. Overall a good game

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