Rogue Idle RPG – Fight dungeon boss monsters

[Game] Rogue Idle RPG – Epic Dungeon Battle

Rogue Idle RPG  Explore the dungeon, collect weapons and armor, dodge attacks and shoot‘em all up!

Fight dungeon boss monsters and end the reign of the Dark in Endless Frontier!

Brave Adventurers, there has to be someone to be the leader.

Game Features

Idle RPG Fantasy Games
Set your heroes training while you’re away. When you return to your phone, they will be stronger, gained new abilities, and ready for battle.

Easy to play
Whether you are an experienced gamer or not, you’ll be able to have fun with the game right off the bat!

Incredible Content
Raid Raid Raid! Endless dungeons allow you to collect legendary gears!

Strategic Gameplay
Choose whether to use melee or ranged weapons!

Power Up
Power up your heroes by defeating the fiercest monsters and bosses in the Dungeon!

Rogue Idle saves your progress on your device, and data will be reset if you delete the app or change your device.


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Rogue Idle RPG user reviews :

The new update is awesome, but I notice to the rankings there are a lot of cheaters, it is unfair for other players who grind every day to get items in dungeons in order for there attack power and stage to climb up. This is the most thing you need to resolve in order for players to have a confidence to play more and to attract more players in the future. I hope the devs solve this.
  • CookApps
  • Hello, this is Rogue Idle. Thank you for taking the time to second review our game. We are always eager to make our games better so if you have any suggestions or comments please let us know. We are planning many events and contents in the future, so please show us a lot of interest. Thank you!
Okay so new update popped up with some interesting things and yes the leaderboard as well. Doing a good job of making this game fun to play. But after the update I’ve been facing an issue, my enchantment scrolls don’t increase even when I go to the dungeon to get some scrolls for enchanting my equipment. It’s stuck at 5 scrolls right now and I don’t know what to do about this issue. Please reach out and help me solve this issue.
  • CookApps
  • Hello, this is Rogue Idle. Thank you very much for the best compliment. We will continue to make efforts to make you happy through various contents. Thank you
Very enjoy playing this game but, it feels like lightning skills are only that get upgrade because of daily dungeons it would be nice to get dungeon for assasin and fire too or make it so their option to choose so players get what their build uses. I can underdtand why but, would be nice to get back abilities for HP cost. It was making some unique builds and gave variety. Aswell the leader board could give better idea of which place is taken right now. Can’t waint for new updates. Thank you.
  • CookApps
  • Hello, this is Rogue Idle. We sincerely thank you for your valuable review and high evaluation after playing the game. We will discuss ways to provide you with satisfactory service! Thank you!

great game, i like it. but just one thing, even when i turn on the low graphic and save battery mode. my phone rapidly getting hot and my battery dropping quickly. too bad though, i want to play longer.

Hopefuly theres more fiture to add.. maybe something like story mode/treasure hunting.. or u can add more like mercenary quest so that all ur pets can be used well.. or u can maybe add other vibes on the dungeon u clear.. something like from stage 1-1000 is based on forest then graveyard,then etc.. then each 1000 stages u clear you’ll get some shard of godly equipment that only refresh once a month gonna be more GOOD.. thanks dev!!
  • CookApps
  • Hello, this is Rogue Idle. We sincerely thank you for your valuable review and high evaluation after playing the game. We will discuss ways to provide you with satisfactory service! Thank you!
That cowroom i grinded for 4hrs and i got nothing?????? thats way too low a probability???? and 5000gems for purchasing it way too expensive and we cant farm it as well so whats the use farming it might as well grind the floor till floor 200k anyways please increase the probability of item drops on cowroom and also when will there be a blitz? from floor 1 to higher floors?? also please put a leaderboard on highest floor reached so we know what stage to catch up. please respond thank you.
  • CookApps
  • Hello, this is Rogue Idle. Thank you for your feedback on our game. We have passed your feedback to our dev team. In the meantime, please continue to support our game! Thank you!

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