Rogue Legend – Restore the magical order that once protected this land

[Game] Rogue Legend

Rogue Legend    Our hero begins a legendary adventure in a quest to restore the magical order that once protected this land.

After fighting endless monsters corrupted by foul magic and dangerous encounters with demon lords, our hero finds the great magician who can repair the magic order…

Game features:

Shooting Roguelike game, every battle is a new experience.
Simple one-handed operation, conquer the world with one hand!
Hundreds of skills, thousands of combinations, every battle is a unique experience.
Endless game levels, hundreds of unique monsters and powerful bosses await.
Powerful and loyal pets to fight by your side in your arduous quest.
Choose from a large variety of powerful weapons to slay monsters and demons.


If you have any problems in the game, please feel free to contact us.
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Rogue Legend user reviews :

I love the game but can’t log in. Every time I click account management it crashes. 5 stars if I can log in. I’ll try and play the game a bit further on guest account and try again.

Update bug: After the most recent update you can no longer use gems to buy gold. You can hit the button as many times as you like but it will never go through with the transaction.

Fun game, I do enjoy it. the only downside was I had to spend some cash to get past the 2 chapter which is right after the tutorial… it took me 3 days and spend small cash to advance.

the game is like Archer but a little bit better they both are good games and I enjoy both of them playing and you will enjoy them as well

too many bugs, ads, and not enough interesting events and game mode

So far I like the game there is lots of ways to get chest and gold.

Animation is clean and the gameplay is good

Its has smooth gameplay even when the screen is very active

Good graphics, but a total Archero rip off. Heck, they could have at least given a larger energy pool and much smaller energy regeneration count down. More so, you need to watch ads just to pretty much progress. Greed is destroying games. No way am I going to plug money into watching pixels move on a screen. I’ll happily buy a mobile game as long as everything’s included, but they’d rather just give you a free game and bled you dry. Uninstalled.

I’ve played just about all the archero style games and besides Tales rush this is the only one that has improved on the concept. Sadly the developers stopped putting out content so as of rn this is the best one. Also I have a question does buying the battle pass remove out of combat adds? if it does ill give this game 5 stars once I see an ability to purchase all characters at once. graphics are solid sound effects are on point so you can here what’s coming at you from off screen. GJ DEVELOPERS

I play a Lot of these Archero knock offs. This one immediately showed me that it will Not be one of the ones I will want to keep playing. Main issue is that it is Very hard to see enemy shots. They are the same vibrant colors as your normal shots, so once you get your triple shot, your wall bounce with side arrows and enemy bounces going – seeing the enemy shots starts to become almost impossible. There is just Too much stuff flying around on the map that all looks the Same. Pass.

The game is okay. Archero rip off. The game needs optimization and more frames. The shaking screen feels nauseous. Skills appear alot of times and you should remember what you have chosen because you might pick it up again! Needs more events! Bullets/projectiles are so thick/big! Relic skill button is too big and can’t transfer on the right side! ADS ARE FAILING. Chapters are too tough. P2W GAME INDEED.

very fun game. Looking to ask two questions of makers though…1) if the enemy deaths scythe can go through walls, why can’t ours? Or vice versa?2) I happen to be profoundly color blind, which is usually a curse with a lot of games. In yours…again with the death characters scythe…when playing in worlds with dark backgrounds it is nearly impossible to see, don’t have that issue with the ally death’s white scythe. Be amazing if more developers took colorblind players into account.

t’s rare I find such a good mobile game but it’s so addictive! It’s really challenging and doesn’t bombard you with ads.There is one problem – sometimes it keeps playing the ‘hitting an enemy’ sound every couple of seconds and I don’t know how to fix it. Any help would be appreciated

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