Rooster Defense – No matter you are a rookie or master of tower defense

[Game] Rooster Defense

Rooster Defense  Design your map, manage your tower, use your strategies to destroy the incoming Minions!

Soldiers, troops, generals, load your guns, armed to teeth!
Getting the time right to fight back!!

Rooster Defense

A tower defense game full of fun, strategies, relaxation and challenge!
No matter you are a rookie or master of tower defense, Rooster Defense will bring you an extraordinary experience!

Feature of Game

Design turret defense to frustrate the invasion of Minions and collect gold.
Merge and upgrade turrets while adopting suitable strategies to fight against different enemies.
Defeat the more powerful BOSS to unlock more advanced weapons and techs.
Your soldiers will guarantee collection of coins for your. Don’t forget to come back and upgrade them.

Highlight of Rooster Defense

Idle game and infinite upgrade
The battles can be done by fusing and upgrading your turrets without too many manual operations
Diverse strategies and flexible matching
Use a wide range of turrets to strike back different enemies of different traits.
More themes of maps waiting for you to unlock
Island, forest, desert, and many others to be seen in each theme of map!
More hidden functions to help you win
Super fancy tech system to boost your power.

No more hesitation, just pick up your weapon & join this campaign!

Rooster Defense user reviews :

This game is unplayable if you don’t watch the adds. Yesterday evening either adds wouldn’t open, or worse, the game would play the full add and then freeze at the end, so you would get credit for watching the add. There is no tech support option in the game. I deleted and reinstalled the game, and it reset me to the beginning of the game, with the adds still not working. I activated VIP, and the problem persisted. It’s a shame, when playable, this is a very good game, but it’s not playable.

Man, I really liked this game. I made it all the way to Floor/Wave 769 just to encounter two issues. One issue is that I couldn’t watch the ads even though I still had 4 tries left and I also couldn’t use the auto merge because it wouldn’t stop buffering. No matter what I tried, it wouldn’t work. I optimized my phone and even restarted it. Nothing. So I tried uninstalling it, which was a huge mistake. I lost all my data. Now I’m back to wave 1. Great game. It’s too bad this happened.

I want to call this a good TD game but the problems with it outweigh the good. There’s more grind than strategy involved. In each world there are limited fixed spots to place towers and you have to ‘unlock’ those placement spots as you go along. You never really fail, it just starts over and you keep going. The objective is to continuously and indefinitely level up your towers to beat enemies with increasing health. It doesn’t matter what towers you use, just how strong they are.

I would love to give this game more stars, but it freezes up so often that I cannot. Like many games, this one gives you the option to watch ads for certain bonuses. However, unlike most games, this one freezes probably 50 – 70 percent of the time that you do. Occasionally you might get lucky and it won’t for a while. Really hope this gets fixed soon.

the game is great. but because of the paypal ads, this sucks that i uninstalled it. after watching the ads, there’s no method to exit the ads screen, so i have to restart the app. but when i do, i got nothing. so basically i’m watching ads and get nothing in return.
  • Ohayoo
  • Sorry for you, we are fixing the bug.

After playing for a week I had no problems with the game was a great time killer. Then I get to wave 376 and the ads for auto merge wouldn’t let me close to activate it and then the same happened to 2x attack and 2x money. I closed the game restarted my phone and still didn’t work. Then I uninstalled the game and reset my progress.

This is a good game ruined by ads. To play the game. To even start it. U need to watch ads to get the double attack power. Without it, the game is almost unplayable. I cant stand the fact that i have to keep watching ads to play several minutes of game. And even that is sometimes not enough and you have to watch more. Respond to your respond The problem is not with my phone, the problem is with the gameplay that seriously needing to watch too many ads to even to be able to survive the game. and to advance the game, I need to watch even more of the ads. I watch 2 ads for power up and I am not strong enough to pass even 1 level. and if i dont, i will be descending the level as i keep losing.
  • Ohayoo
  • Sorry for the inconvenience caused. We are working around the clock to fix the issue, please let us know your phone model and country/region so that we’d quickly fix the issue.

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