Run n Gun – Ready to keep on running and keep on gunning

[Game] Run n Gun – AIM Shooting

Run n Gun  Run & Gun – Run ‘em down and shoot ‘em up

There’s no end to the action in this frantic, fast-paced casual shooter that plunges you straight into a world of breakneck speed, non-stop sharpshooting, aerial stunts, and massive explosions. Like parkour, tactical shooting, and classic action movies? Enjoy a synthesis of them all as you run and gun your way to victory after victory in this all-action, edge-of-your-seat rollercoaster of a shooting game that’s definitely firing on all cylinders.

Run till you drop – all the bad guys, that is :)

Quick on the draw? You’ll need to have all your wits about you and pistols at the ready to keep on running and keep on gunning. Enemies appear on all sides, and you have to take them down before they open fire on you to survive. Use explosives, extinguishers, and utility pipes to deal extra damage and take out multiple enemies with a single shot. Just make sure you don’t hit the innocent civilians you were sent here to save!

Going up the wall? Then you’ve got the right idea for this game. Play all the angles by sliding up and around the scenery to avoid enemy bullets and reach the best position to get a bead on multiple targets as you slip into a slow-motion shooting frenzy. Go down or up with all guns blazing!

Level-minded? Progress through the game to reach epic boss battles and earn cash you can spend on new outfits, an awesome arsenal of weapons, and other impressive improvements. The more you win, the more great rewards you’ll have access to. Start with simple pistols and move on to SMGs, shotguns, assault rifles, and a host of highly destructive guns with ever-more-epic shooting effects.

Love action? You’ll feel right at home in Run & Gun’s world of glass-fronted skyscrapers, rooftops, and industrial zones that recall the settings of a thousand classic action movies, not to mention a voiceover that mimics the gruff, epic tones of great trailers. As you leap to the safety of your chopper, you’re guaranteed to feel like a real action hero!

Love the sound of breaking glass? There’s plenty of that in Run & Gun, as well as colossal explosions, shattering walls, and all types of gunshots from cracking pistols to booming RPGs, all accompanied by satisfyingly crunchy sound effects, as well as a pumping upbeat soundtrack to keep you pushing to the line.

Like biathlon, but cooler

You run and you shoot. That’s all you do, but this deceptively simple game mixes up the action and racks up the adrenalin with surprises round every corner to ensure you never get bored. Trigger finger itchy?

Feel the need for speed? On your marks, get set, and go now to download Run & Gun for a shooter game with action that’s faster than bullets, big guns, and even bigger shooting fun.

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Run n Gun user reviews :

It’s great perfect little to no ads and well it’s everything a game should be but I like to make a suggestion to the developers make two-handed weapons I get that it well might break the style and how I pick it is and the overall what you trying to say with the game but I want to handed guns it might be epic so yeah take my comment into consideration thank you

I really liked this game, BUT WAY TOO MANY ADS! I don’t mind some ads, but it’s little play and long ads. Probably going to uninstall because of that.

I liked this game, alas the Devs got too greedy. E.g., a round of gameplay is 15 to 20 seconds, then SCREECH BELCH POOT SPLAT there’s a MANDATORY AD. Then after each round they try to con you into spending money with offers of small meaningless upgrades. Interested? More ads. And the turd on top of this crud sundae, the Devs don’t offer a now-ubiquitous “No-Ads” option. Don’t waste your time. This game is cool until 5 minutes in you see it’s a GIANT AD. P.S. Ignore the 5-star shill reviews!

Pretty cool game. I love all graphics and special efects. I play it always offline so i can avoid all ads by this way. However there are only 3 locations and after some time is all the same. Same levels design, same enemies, same boss fight. I’m kinda dissapointed there aren’t all guns like RPG in shop. You can probably use them only once if you watch ad for free. Right now I’m on level 130 and i have to say, everything is so repetetive! Please developers, don’t let this game die! Add new stuff

This game is great, the only problem is that if you play on a tablet, it is laggy, if you play on a phone, it isn’t, I play on both so I know this from experience. Other than that it’s great!

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