Runelords Arena – Ascend the throne of Runelords

[Game] Runelords Arena – Turn-based Tactics Idle Hero RPG

Runelords Arena  Runelords Arena is a turn-based strategy game in which your heroes, skills, creativity, and a dash of luck will lead you to victory.

Pick from hundreds of heroes hailing from eight unique races; and ascend the throne of Runelords with your unique tactics and strategies!

Game Features

The NEXT LEVEL of Turn-based strategy
Combine powerful heroes in unique ways and battle on a turn-based battlefield.
Unpredictable turn-based battles with an exciting strategic layer.

Assemble your dream team among 5 classes
Level up heroes, skills, and runes to strengthen your party and take on ever more powerful threats.
Create powerful heroes by combining over 20 different types of runes.

Build a name for yourself in global matchmaking
Ascends through the ranks of a global leaderboard. Fair and challenging real-time ranked battles await!

An epic fantasy
A continent-spanning tale, full of mystery and intrigue

Relaxing and hassle-free idle mode
Worried about playing too hard? No problem, your heroes will fight for you while you’re offline!
Free diamonds, coins, and various rewards await you each day!

Variety-packed gameplay with a wealth of reward!
A wealth of different game modes, including Campaign, Dungeon Crawl, Mirage Tower, and more!

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Email: rune.ts[at]

Runelords Arena user reviews :

Very suitable for killing time after work, very addictive yet entertaining. The game itself is not complicated and the tempo of the game is fast and quick. There are all the necessity of a strategy game, with an user-friendly interface. Even when you are offline, your heroes never stop working. There are lots of free events and awesome gifts daily. Even though this is a stress free game, you still need to pay attention to the combination of heroes, ruins, and line up to win each round. If you have some patient, this game is great

This game offers a different style of fighting which is interesting in it’s own part. It offers a different variety of events which also good, but the interface of everything is a bit unorganized. Although the variety is good, it can also be a little overwhelming. The game does keep you busy also at the beginning of your progress but slows down alot. I’m giving this game a four star because it is good, but the game could a bit more organized of where everything is and how to find certainthings

I strongly disagree with some of the negative reviews. Bugs are fixed quickly. There are plenty of resources for all players without spending money. If you encounter a stage in the campaign that you can’t pass, tweaking your strategy helps! Strategy is very important in this game, and that’s great. People complain that not every 10x summon grants an S tier hero. What did you expect? And of you autoplay some of the stages you will fail, so use your brain. I am having a lot of fun

I really loved this game when I first got it, but then as I started to play more, I realized that there isn’t much to do other than try to level up, but in order to level up, you need to wait idle, or pay for more hero’s/experience to beat certain areas that are unlocked according to the players level. You can only send up to 30/day to friends, even though you could have up to 100 friends. Getting bored, but I enjoyed it while it first came out. Not sure if I’ll keep my time with this one.
  • Our development team will definitely consider your opinion and make the game better. Please message us more specific suggestions at
Love this game so far!! Ui is easy to get used to, and similar to other games that I have played. It has a decent story line, and the characters are cool, and designed well. No bugs encountered sofar. Now I have to change, as all of my purchases are not getting credited to my game account. It doesn’t matter what type I have made( stopped at 3) I am receiving nothing! Will change rating if CS fixes this problem.
  • We’re sorry to hear that you’re having this problem! We’d love to help, so please contact our support team at and they’ll help you get playing again!
I wanted to enjoy this game, but a lot of the reviews are correct. The English translation leaves a lot to be desired. Furthermore, text sequences are both boring and sloppily made. The gacha system suggests that this is a pay to win game. You’re encouraged to pay and grind to keep up with others, not because you’re having fun playing.
  • Hi, Thanks for rating us. Would you like to tell us your thoughts about the game with more details? We strongly believe we can only improve the game according to your feedback. So hopefully, you can let us know more about your thoughts through our Facebook fan page! We will be very happy if you can consider giving us 5 stars rating!

Yall are very deemeanin to a new game. This games concepts are great and theirs alot to do as you level up. Even for free to play, cause i am, and im in the top 95% in all the events. Right now though devs, PLEASE ADD A BLOCK BUTTON for chat. There are scammers in chat tryna get them to go to a website to claim free gems, also please add 120 characters for the chat box instead of 60, be a big help and better approval overal. Thank you!

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