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[Game] Runeverse – The Card Game

Runeverse  Welcome to Runeverse, the Multiplayer Card Game where 3D characters come to life!

New, Simple and Incredibly Tactical.
Runeverse has a simple and fun gameplay, we combined the best elements of card games to create a simple and fun but incredibly strategic game.

Factions and Alliances.
In the Runeverse Universe 6 Factions coexist, each with its strengths and weaknesses. Choose two Factions to create your Alliance, but it’s up to you to find the winning synergy!

Random Effects? The right amount.
In Runeverse you will never find cards that play all the spells played in the game on random targets. Random effects can be fun, but only when used wisely and sparingly.

A Rich and Free card collection!
Right from the start you will have a very rich collection of cards that you can use to build your decks. Unlock Legendary cards for free through quick quests or purchasing Runic Tokens.

Online community
Visit our community website to post or discover our players’ best decks!

Runeverse user reviews :

Gameplay is a mix of Hearthstone and Magic the Gathering. If youre a fan of either you should enjoy the gameplay. As others have said though, not much content in terms of events currently but im sure that will come over time when the player base builds.

Been playing for a week and now every game feels the same. People only play spell decks since aggro/midrange aren’t viable and the factions are generally unbalanced. There aren’t any captivating in-game event’s and clans seem pretty useless. The playerbase is nonexistent and new players are forced to face top #100 all the time. The developers have done a great job, but somewhy don’t bother to advertise their work. Will likely stop playing in the upcoming days if things won’t change anytime soon.

1. Why put the Heroes on the altar? PUT THEM ON THE GROUND, fight with their creatures. Give them basic attack, unique skills, and armour. 2. Please develop better animation for combat, such as, ground units are running when attacking, not jumping directly to Heroes, air unit fly higher. And, make them running back, NOT DISAPPEAR BACK TO LINE after attack heroes. 3. Add Field Spell, that influence specific creatures. 4. Bring storyline to the game, we need to know, what is, Story Of Runeverse.

This game has horrie lag issues, no balance to cards, freezing issues on gameplay where you cant even play cards. 10/10 would not recommend installation

As of right now game isnt even stable enough to log in on mobile. On pc it crashes if you try to copy a deck code. With more work it could be a cute reliving of old HS.

The game is good,but i wish there’s a practice mode where you can test your deck against an ai to see how well your deck is.

Been playing on PC. The game is available on Steam. I’ll release March 1st for Android. Solid foundation for a CCG. Some bugs. Worth playing…especially at the start where CCGs are most exciting.

Oooh Nice, Good Job Guys, Hopefully you can still Develop Mitosis and Rune at the same time

Gives players all cards except legendaries right from the start. Unfortunately everything else needs work: there is no autopass, the attacks lack crunch, the game feels very janky, the English translation is bain a lot of spots, the downloader breaks ifyou tab out and starts all over, and worst of all doesn’t support logging in with Google or Steam oAuth so you have to make an account.

Really good game. I advice people who like this stuff to play.

Not pay to win

I love seaRumble

I Can’t even make an account how do I play?

Much better!!

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