Runewards – You will need to outplay your opponent

[Game] Runewards – Strategy Card Game

RunewardsRunewards is a free-to-play competitive strategy card game set in a fantasy themed world that allows players to battle one against another.

Runewards is a game about strategy, about bluffing and about out-smarting your opponent.

In Runewards CCG, players can play solo versus A.I. or other players in Unranked or Ranked Matches. Each player begins with 10 cards, containing Spells, Units and a Hero. The Player with the highest Power value at the end of the round wins the duel.

Players can also compete and battle in Seasonal Leagues, where reaching higher Leagues will reward the player with gifts (Chests, Cards, Gold and Runes) depending on what position they finished at the end of the Season.

Players will be able to increase their Deck Collection simply by playing the game. They can also earn cards by completing daily Quests, which reward Gold – The currency that is being used in the game to purchase chests. Chests contain cards that can be added to your Deck Collection.

If you want to succeed, you will need more than just playing the game, you will need to outplay your opponent! Battle and duel your way to success!

Runwards is your CCG Gwent like fix available on Android now and is not like Hearthstone and stands out with its 3 lane battlefield.


The game board where you will play against other players is called Battlefield. The Battlefield is composed of three lanes (shown in brick-mortar composition) per player called Territories, all of which is based on unit card’s Affiliation.

The Territories play a crucial part of Runeward’s gameplay because many cards, spells and heroes can affect them in a variety of ways.
On the right part of the screen you have the Heroes which you can pick when you make your deck. There are several heroes for every army in the game.

Cards: Runewards has three types of cards: Heroes, Units and Spells.

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Runewards – The Gwent like CCG multiplayer online card battle game.

Runewards user reviews :

I like this game. Very hard to put my phone down. For the people saying it’s a Gwent clone, so what? I’ve been waiting for a mobile version of Gwent for a long time, so this is exactly what I wanted. Obvious improvements would be offline play, faster game play (2×, 4× etc) and more content. Feels like it’s a very slow grind for someone not willing to pay silly amounts for better cards, and rewards for winning matches and levelling up are few and far between. I can imagine non paying players will get bored quickly, and paying players will go to other games where their money goes alot further

Would like a offline mode, but a great game. Every fun to play. I recommend you get this game.

One of the best card game with strategy and planning. The game is very addictive and engaging, can’t stop playing it. The Best thing about the game are its graphics. I love it, keep it up…..

Last Update 12 January 2018 :


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