Runic Divinations – Designed to answer for most hard questions easily

[App] Runic Divinations – Elder Futhark Runes Tarot

Runic Divinations  Need help? Or advice on how to come out from a difficult situation? Try to ask Runic Oracle!

Our rune spreads designed to answer for most hard questions easily. And our freestyle rune layout will make your readings better even before.

Ancestors left to us the greatest and powerful gift – Runes. The elder alphabet, what have a mystical power to predict the future or, how old peoples will say, your Wyrd. This not mean, that you need or must run to the runes every time something happens, but it means, you can always ask for advice and receive it. Just like tarot cards, but with the power of elder gods. It’s much easier to find the right way with Oracle in your pocket

Runic Divinations main features:

Quickly yes or no answer
Fortune teller
Future in love
Relationship rune readings
Seven popular layouts with the description of the alignment of the runes
Rune meanings
Save and load divination
Freestyle rune spread
Edit description of runes
History of rune readings
Everything absolutely free

Runic divination and predictions have come to us from the ancient world, but rather from the time of the Vikings. Each rune gems, as in the case of divination by Tarot, is responsible for his element, has its own emotion and meaning.

Know a better description for the rune or have some experience how rune works for you? Not a problem anymore! Just edit the standard description and add your own text to it. It’s truly your own pocket!

Acquainted with runic gems, you’ll learn how to guess the future, thus knowing what to expect and how to protect themselves from it, or know the past and the reasons which have led to a situation. Charming runes can help you escape a bad situation or find a way out of it.

Nordic and Celtic runes are great for fortune reading format yes – no, they clearly respond to the question, leaving a sense of understatement. The reason for such a response can be deciphered to learn the value dropped runes.

Also, rune gems are well suited for divination for love or a relationship, helping to understand what will be waiting for the couple to determine the compatibility of partners.

Most rune layouts are universal, but the most effective in their field, we have compiled a description for each of them to help those who are just learning.

Viking runes is an ancient power hidden in symbols. Elder Futhark can answer any question and find a way from any situation. The app contains runes spread for almost any situation in life. But if you don’t find right for you, just use freestyle guessing and create your unique runes spread

Elder Runes will give you advice and show the way from bad to good situations. Just try to use this charming runes!

If you have experience in tarot cards, then the runic oracle will help you reveal your gift even better, and to some question, the runes give even more open and balanced answers. Try it and you will never forget this amazing experience.

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Runic Divinations user reviews :

I start my morning by reading the Rune of the day. The readings are always balanced rather than directive. They give me food for thought as I go through the day, offering me an overview of which choices will lead to which consequences. I feel I am receiving guidance from my ancestors as I go through this process. My runes are a constant companion.

It may only be cold reading, or there may really be a quantum link between consciousness and seemingly random selections, but either way I’ve gained some useful insights into my own mental states and attitudes through this app. Well worth the small investment in time and effort to contemplate your daily cast. Plua a pleasant and intuitive interface. Nice work.
  • Evansir
  • Thank you!
Love this app, its so informative and is a great tool for learning. Its really sparked my interest and its something I’ll definitely be pursuing in learning – its made it very easy and understandable. Great!
  • Evansir
  • Thank you!

Fairly accurate, there have been a few times that something isn’t going quite smoothly in my day, I see the rune and it makes sense, I try to look in the am now and I know when I have to tread carefully

I absolutely love this app. It tells me what I want to know and it isn’t intrusive or annoying. I wish all apps were like this one. I’m learning so much about Runes!
  • Evansir
  • Thank you!
Great. Description of the runes is spot on and it’s easy to access. Way simpler than doing a rune casting each morning.
  • Evansir
  • Thank you!

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