Runic Formulas – It contains a collection of amulets

[App] Runic Formulas – Book of Runes, Bindrunes, Amulets

Runic Formulas  Runes are the power that Scandinavian God gave to us.

They are able to heal, and also to destroy. It’s Norse pagan magic that influences our world even centuries after Vikings time. Runes can help in making a powerful protection amulet or talisman for achieving success. Runic Formulas is the helper on way to becoming a runemaster, it contains a collection of amulets, bindrunes, sigils, glyphs, and talismans. Handwritten book of Elder Futhark runes from real runemaster with meanings and clear descriptions. Runic translator, which helps to create unique phases written in elder symbols and birth rune finder.
Start your Viking journey with Runic Formulas.

You will find inside:

Runic talismans and amulets for every day
Bindrunes and Galdrastafirs
Handwritten Elder Futhark symbols meanings
All data is categorized
Runic to English and back translator
Find your birth rune
Ability to create your own formula with the runic builder and put it on the home screen as a widget
Tutorial with a description of small Wicca ritual

The app is designed to help beginners learn ancient Norse magic. It will open a door for understanding people of those times because magic was a part of their life. Vikings carved symbols on their ships and draw them on their bodies. They believed that this would protect them from the storm at sea and protect them from the enemy’s ax.

Obviously, runes are part of the pagan world. But what to do, if you are not? Nothing. No need to be pagan to work with it. They are ancient sigils that old Norse peoples used for writing and making magic. It’s the Odin gift to all peoples on the Midgard.

All the formulas can be applied not only for talismans but also for magical practice. In the right hands and with the right pronounce you will achieve an amazing result. But still, runes are Norse pagan culture, so for the faster and longer results of your spell, you may ask help from Norse gods. Our world is old and every man has his own ancient pagan roots.

If you are a follower of the Wiccan culture, runes will improve the power of your tools and rituals. Also, you can use Wicca rituals for the activation of runic formulas, amulets, bindrunes.

Choose and activate the rune talismans, amulets, and sigils with caution, because as the old saying goes: “Great abilities is a great responsibility.”

All text inside the application is based on books, my knowledge, experience, and experience of people I know. It is accurate, from my point of view, and I believe you will find unique own meanings when starting a personal journey. And I believe you will be the best!

Text data inside is DMCA protected and unique. But feel free to use it for any personal uses

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Runic Formulas user reviews :

I like how in-depth the rune descriptions are, as well as how many things there are to do in this app. It’s a higher quality app than most of the ones I’ve paid for previously. The only negative comment I can make would be in terms of grammatical errors in most of the pages, but they are small and easy to ignore. Also, any ads are small and unobtrusive, just a small bar on the bottom of the screen. All in all an excellent app.
  • Evansir
  • Thank you! I’m will try to improve that part of the app!
OK adore this app and the prompt response from the team!! I was having a problem with the app crashing with the pages below the book of runes after an Uninstall and reinstall the ads started popping up and the app stopped crashing!! Definitely plan on getting the paid version cause there is so much good information in here thank you so much!
  • Evansir
  • Hello! Thank you for your understanding!
I bought it and it was worth it for me. It’s not for everyone. But the journey option to learn your runes was nice. It helped me feel comfortable with them and make my own rune circles.
  • Evansir
  • Thank you for support!
Thank you for this! I am a legally ordained priestess and seer. Casting runes with my kindred and when I’m feeling like I need answers…This app will come in handy for sure, especially when my brother steals my rune book again
  • Evansir
  • Thank you for review!
I LOVE this app!! Plus, I use nova launcher so I can add runes to my home screen in any size and put them over or under other things on my screen (turn on overlapping). It’s very helpful and looks cool! Wish I could upload a photo to show you! This app is great for learning too!!! (The adds don’t interrupt use so much as just delay use a few seconds here and there. I’m GLAD they make the money with add they DESERVE IT!) good job! I’d like to buy the app add free!!
  • Evansir
  • Thank you so much for such positive review! I’m trying my best to improve this app. As about ad free version, you can buy it inside the app (Scroll down to the bottom on main screen)

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