Saga of Sultans – Experience the majesty of the vast Glorious Continent

[Game] Saga of Sultans

Saga of Sultans  Unique Middle East themed Kingdom War RPG with many players online and fighting for glory!

Choose your Kingdom and fight to rule the world!

Five mighty Kingdoms for you to choose from! Experience the majesty of the vast Glorious Continent and create your own legacy of war!
Saga of Sultans is a unique battle-based 3D Kingdom War RPG with many players online!
From lowly warrior to mighty sultan, from unknown tribe to powerful kingdom, come and write a glorious new chapter in the history of Arabia!

Game features:
1. Unique Kingdom War gameplay:
Fly the flag of your kingdom as you do battle with other players in real-time and set out to conquer the world!
2. Thrilling battles and breathtaking scenes:
Immerse yourself in exquisitely crafted Arabian scenes; experience exhilarating battles where you really feel like you’re on the battlefield itself!
3. Socialize using voice messaging and fight side-by-side with friends:
Real-time instructional broadcasts; make new friends and fight alongside them!
4. Grow your character and rise to rule a Kingdom:
Raise your rank, learn skills, keep up with the latest fashions, strengthen your equipment, rear a formidable mount, and find a thousand ways to keep on developing!
5. A huge world with a wide variety of quests:
Escort caravans, slay monsters, rescue captives, discover hidden treasure – a broad variety of gameplay offers even greater fun!

If you need any assistance, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our support team at
and we’ll do our best to help!
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Saga of Sultans user reviews :

I love this game very much and it’s player has very strong powers it’s missions are very difficult create more games same one thanks that you create intertining games

Another game afraid to focus the main story, which seemed fine at start, and instead dishes us the online-game-beep we all get in all the games for 25 years already… Sad waste of potential. And a bit low on orcs & dark elves to play

Giving five stars becase I really love tha concept of the game….Only Graphics should be more realistic.

Very nice. Gave it 4 stars cause am still playing it. Not pay to win but very generous game for 1.2 gb space

I have installed this game twice and it is still not working, after the installation when I open the game it shows loading and then stops responding, please fix this immediately.

I give 2 star for the reason that no binding account in the game or switch account

Its owesome to play this game.Their should be rewards for inviting our friends.. So we will be happy with friends in this game..

Pay to win !!! We play fairly from the begining of the game but people who spend too much money they sit on throne and no one can compete them !!! So what is the purpose of playing if cant compete to the throne??

Wow! Brilliant game with storyline! I love it!

Good game nice graphic and plot Wloud be good if u cloud like build ur own army under ur kingdom

try to get game low graphics more because the game crach on my phone

Simply amazing. Had lots of fun times during war between kingdoms, during daily tasks, and game has quite a bunch of variety from clothing to mounts. Alot of fun overall

Wonderful game. But the reason why only three stars is because you can’t be in the top list of the strongest players if you don’t be from “pay to win”, especially the fountain and fighting spirits you have to pay over and over and ove. Wish i could played it for a long time but that’s impossible so I wish you will take in your consider those who can’t pay much, cause even the huge packages is not enough. Sad to uninstall.
  • Sorry about that , all your suggestions will be sent to the concerned department to review it but cor the Foutain and Fiting spirit you can have it also for free from the events
Thank you the problem has been fixed to 80% and my first recharge I had to do it 6times before it worked for me and I have been debited. It was today that I tried for the last time that it apparently worked. So still no 5 stars because you owe me a loot. 5 recharges. Please fix it. Or give me what you owe me. Other than this every other thing is perfect.
  • we apologize for this issue you face with the recharging please send to our customer support to be able to check the history of your recharges and to check the packages , thank you and i hope you enjoy your time in the game

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