Samurai Flash – Dodge and slice your enemies

[Game] Samurai Flash

Samurai Flash  You want to know what it feels like to be a Super Hero ?

Join us and become a Samurai Flash !

Dodge and slice your enemies to reach the next level

Defeat bosses and show your skills

Make the most of your speed and appreciate the slow motion of your enemies

New features are to come ( character upgrade , skins and accessories )

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Samurai Flash user reviews :

Love this samurai game. And the gimmick of time proceeding after you, let’s just not forget about that part! But please add actual levels with the enemies/bosses actually doing stuff instead of being bumps on logs for 1-hit kills. And also please make another gimmick: when you hit an oncoming bullet with your sword, let’s just say there is a 1/50 chance it will deflect off of the sword, back to the enemy, making a trick kill. I’m proud of you SSS LTD. Keep ’em coming!

It’s a very good game and the ads aren’t that long so I give It a 4 stars cause it does get quite boring after playing for a while but it’s a good game

Love the game. It stops when you stop and moves when you move and it’s a really good game so I recommend you play it.

Such a good game and the ads are not even long

very fun game except a bit laggy at times

It’s pretty basic with its ideas and sorta boring but idk… I like the bosses? Oh yeah… THERE ARE SO MANY ADS can we just appritiate how many ads are on this game for a second. But dont get me wrong, it’s an incredible time killer. And one of my favorite of these types of games.

Ok ok this game is sooooooo fun and a good game to pass the time and makes a good stress releaver

This is one of the best games I’ve ever played. It’s fun going round a map, slicing everyone and everything in your way. It also has no ads that it forces you to watch. The control is also simple. However, if you don’t have internet when you play, if you unlock a skin, you can’t get it as you have to watch an ad. This also goes for things like the bonus level, skipping a level and getting a sword at a shop. It would be good if you could use gold to unlock skins. Overall great game

I love this game, but I do want some things added. My main example is Boss Stages. I don’t want bosses to be one hit kills, I want them to die overtime, as I hit them several times over. Also, I want the enemy melee forces to actually do something. I can stand there, and they’ll die. And one last thing, is that I want to use the Cash I get to buy Outfits. I just got the last swords, but I want the rest of the weapons. Thanks EggSickle

Hey excuse me, I JUST purchased the starter pack to remove ads, but it feels like I paid to get even more ads shown to me. This is seriously not cool, and it’s a shame that I might have to uninstall this game as a result because it was actually kind of fun.

I’m giving it three stars because it’s just the ads. please take the ads away!

I love this game but the ads are no good

I like this game you slice up everything in your way and the game doesn’t bombard you with ads so that’s why there is a five stars

Spain so I can stop the The game stop and when you go the game goes and you have to sell this this cutting thing that you like like the word guys that you cut the red guys in this boss fight and you could go to different worlds okay that’s it bye

I love this game I know that one review wont help that much but I have played it to level 561 so far and I think thats enough proof that this game is awsome I wish I could give something better than a review only thing I wish is if you added either the characters kirito from sword art online or tanjiro from demon slayer this is one of the games I will download on my new phone im getting as well don’t stop updating this game please

I absolutely love this game its amazing but I gave it a 4 star because you need to make the levels more intense and add new swords and characters as ive had all of the characters and swords for about a month now but apart from that it’s an amazing game keep up the good work <3

Love the game though I have an idea when I saw that it said samurai flash that’s when I thought you guys should add the flash that way when you let go of the screen It will look like your running at super speed so please add the flash to the game.

The game is really creative and also I’d like how whenever you stop moving time stops so yeah. Some very cool future but I watch that are you guys would make it so and then like you can parkour and make it have more of a realistic attacks so that’s where you guys needed add but everything else food game it’s amazing

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