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Scripture Plus  Scripture Plus is a Come Follow Me study app designed to help Latter-day Saints and others get more out of their scripture study.

Users can read all the scriptures in the Standard Works, with commentaries, videos, historical settings, and more, linked directly into the text. Users can also study the Church’s Come, Follow Me curriculum using convenient and simple Reading Plans to complete your Doctrine and Covenants goals.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has licensed Book of Mormon Central to use the 2013 edition of the Latter-day Saint scriptures in this mobile app. The ScripturePlus study panel includes commentaries, bios of main characters, 360 tours of Church History locations, videos, images, charts, KnoWhy articles, quotations from General Authorities and reliable scholars, multiple editions of the scriptures, and more.

Many more technical features and content types are contemplated in future releases. We hope you find this app rewarding and spiritually invigorating. It facilitates pondering God’s word in a rich digital environment that builds enduring faith in Jesus Christ by making Latter-day Saint scriptures, particularly the Book of Mormon, accessible, comprehensible, and defensible to the entire world. The scriptures are peerless and eternal.
The enrichment material is curated to help you seek learning out of the best books by study and by faith.

Scripture Plus user reviews :

Fantastic app for studying the scriptures with great insights taught. Even after many years as a member of the Church (and Gospel Doctrine Instructor) I am learning and understanding more with this app. I love the daily study plans! Thank you!

This is great, but I would like more integration with the web for sharing articles and videos. It’s a shame that this isn’t part of the Gospel Library app.

I love the reading plans that are provided! They help give me a starting point when I feel overwhelmed.

I have enjoyed Reading The Book of Mormon thru Scripture Plus. I love also the extra information from talks or books. This is a great blessing for me in understanding the Book of Mormon.

awesome, awesome app. So much information in one place is not only wonderful to have, but very helpful to us. Once again,thank you so much for this app.

Amazing app, with so many resources to help you better understand the scriptures.

This program is very hard to use. This old lady can’t find the right spot to coinside withe the passages.

Really noticing a difference thank you so much. One of my favorite parts the day is reading the scriptures now

love this app! I use it every day. It has been so helpful in my studies.

This app is great for so many reasons. First, I love that it portions up the come follow me curriculum into daily, bite sized nuggets. Second, I love that it includes insightful, typically referenced commentary, but not so much that it’s a drag. And third, I love that with the combination of the bite sized portions and the commentary, I feel like I am understanding the scriptures better, and more importantly, growing closer to Christ!

This is great. I am enjoying the additional content. One thing to change would be the dates associated with a plan, let the user start when they want and have the date adjust as needed. I only downloaded the app recently and started reading then, but the plan is set to start in January.

It’s unfortunate that while actively using the app and switching between other apps it is so difficult. Every time I go back to the app I have to navigate from the landing page the remember where I was in the app. It is annoying, frustrating and really an easy programming fix for the developer. Otherwise it is a great so and helps me with my daily study.
  • Nuvek, LLC
  • Blaine, we are working to resolve this. While it is an easy fix, we have hundreds of requests we are working through, and with only two developers, we can only do so much. We hope that people can understand and be patience as we work to improve the app. Hopefully, in about a month with this improved, we can earn a better review.

AMAZING app… Be sure to use the Hamburger menu in the top left to see the Reading Plans… they are amazing and tremendously insightful. I can’t believe this app is free and not ad-supported!

Really great app but I can think of one little thing that would make it better. I know it would take time, but it would be nice if you could have the option of multiple pages (like on the Gospel Library app) or create a separate app for the study plans so that it’s easier to go back and forth
  • Nuvek, LLC
  • Both of these features are in the works and we hope to release them in the next 1-3 months. Bookmarks, history, and returning to where you left off. It will take some time as we are a small team, but they should be here fairly soon!

Great way to study the scriptures. This app provides detailed multiple ways to study and ponder the scriptures. It provides a lot of background and insights about the culture, times and customs of the people being discussed.

I love the reading plans and the commentary

I enjoy the quotes and articles that explain the history and doctrine that go with the scriptures. The only drawback is that the same articles are attached to multiple scriptures, so I have to scroll past the ones I have already read
  • Nuvek, LLC
  • Cynthia, we are working to improve this within the app, but it will take some time. We have had to put a lot of effort into creating the content, and we hope to then better attach the content to more specific verses so that it will be a better experience. Glad to hear you have been enjoying it!
This app is fantastic! I’m a new reader of the Book of Mormon, so the articles and videos are really helpful for me. I would 100% percent suggest this for new readers of the scriptures!
  • Nuvek, LLC
  • Thank you! So wonderful to hear that you have enjoyed the app! And thank you for the 5-star review.

Love this app! Great way to stay on top of daily scripture study and to have more in depth knowledge in one place to study…. awesome!!

Love this app! So fabulous with so much depth and additional research right here. It makes studying scriptures so much more meaningful!

Such a great app! After using it for a year, I can’t imagine my daily scripture without it.
  • Nuvek, LLC
  • So glad to hear! We have so much more coming this year that we hope you will love as well!

A great scripture study tool. So grateful for the time and work that has gone into this.

I LOVE this app. I use the BMC version as I love being able to clearly identify Christ/God in the Book of Mormon. I love the CFM reading plans as well. I have a suggestion that could go along with the study plans/reading plans. For those people who like to read the book of mormon by a certain time (end of year, before general conference, ect) You could implement a reading plan to read the BOM in 30 days, 60 days, 6 months, 1 year, etc. I would absolutely use this feature.

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