Sea Invaders Attack – Shoot em up to defeat all the waves

[Game] Sea Invaders Attack – Alien galaxy shoot em up

Sea Invaders Attack  Defend the seas from the galaxy invaders! Select a character, improve its skills and fight against evil bosses in a classic vertical shooter game. Shoot em up to defeat all the waves and level up!

Welcome to Sea Invaders, a fun arcade spaceship shooting game where you have to clean the seas of powerful enemies. Play as one of the cetacean allies and fight through different action scenarios: complete the wave, select between three special abilities and become stronger for the rest of levels. How many can you beat? Be careful with final bosses!

Check out these features!

Play in different worlds and clean the seas. Each island has several levels full of invaders, and you will have to complete them to face the final boss and unlock the next one.

After finishing a wave, you’ll have to select a powerful ability for your cetacean. Improve your attack power, health, speed, or equip special attacks as in the popular shoot em up games.

Play this space shooting game and get free keys to open epic chests full of rewards: coins, gems, rare equipment and many surprises in this action arcade shooter.

Improve your attack speed, power, defense, max hp, dodge and special powers. Also, team up with allies that will fight with you against the galaxy invaders.

Play different stages, kill enemies and get coins to power up talents that grant permanent skills and powers. Vitality, magnet to obtain coins easily, radar for rewards…

Defeat the alien invaders and obtain coins to unlock more cetaceans with different abilities and stats. Enjoy the best arcade shooting game for free with many heroes.

Shoot em up to complete all stages! Sea Invaders is a classic arcade spaceship shooting game but under the seas. If you like vertical shooters, you will love this fun offline game for free. Defend the planet and enjoy this space shooter game.

Sea Invaders Attack user reviews :

Wow haven’t seen a game with a dolphin since Sega Genesis Echo I’m enjoying this game so far thank you for creating it keep up the great work

I’m loving this game. The graphics are amazing!! I love the ocean and it has tons of levels and adventures waiting for you. I love that not 1 ad has shown up and I passed the first level which there are 10 in each level up. I give this game 5 stars bcuz of the graphics, its easy but hard to play and no ads ! Thank you for making my dream game!!

Fun AF!!! If you love games like Space Invaders and Galaga, you’re really going to love this. It’s worth the download. It’s a Trippy game. It’s got the works, action, great graphics,upgrading the skills and attributes of you’re under sea hero, and a bunch more explosive surprises. I’m over 40 years old and I’m telling you this is really fun stuff here. It’s even more fun when it’s hooked up to your Bluetooth speaker. LOL.

My main issue with alot of phone game aps, they are in mid development, asking for prices, and treat their consumers as free testers… you know companys would pay people to test their game and give actualy good sugestions to making things better, but now they expect to be paid and get the service free. Was a good few months but this game has run its course, too slow development, the new area was easyer than the last, and they are adding too many useless skills in mid zones.. alot wrong.
  • Viva Games Studios
  • Hi Captain! Thanks for playing that much our game. We are sorry you find our development speed a bit too slow, we prefer making good content than a lot of it with no value. If you want, you could write to to give us your feedback about the game and new ideas that could be implemented. Hope we can see you in the next update!

A unique take on the SHMUP genre with a kind of “Ecco the Dolphin” nostalgic feel! I like it! So far so good, though with some slight fallacies in the English dept. I’ll continue for now, fingers crossed for the future

The power up system is trash. Miniscule power ups awarded for watching an ad. When you die your power ups are taken away(common) but you have to watch ads all over again to regain earned power ups. Too much time spent watching ads vs playing.

I really like this game, it’s an ocean themed shmup with some rogue-like elements, and the DEVS did a great job of getting the balance of difficulty and casual fun just right. It would be cool to see a premium version of this get released on Xbox or Nintendo switch, cuz a lot more people seem to be getting into shmups again these days, a game like this would do well on a console platform.

This is a really good game to pass time, i can say that the game runs smoothly, good graphics fun to play, not glichie, haven’t been over run with ads, hopefully it stays that way, i can say if you want a good game to play download this app, it is a good fun game good job team.

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