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Second Galaxy presents a vast open sci-fi world combining RPG and SLG elements and consisting of 4,961 galaxies, each filled with all manner of cosmic dust, dark matter, wormholes, space stations, and other celestial bodies and artificial space facilities. In the process of exploring the game, you can command all kinds of space ships and align with like-minded allies to form corporations to amass scarce resources throughout the universe. You can also compete with other players’ corporations and engage in dynamic free trade with players across all galaxies. True freedom awaits you in the endless expanse of space!

The hidden secrets of the universe will soon unfold before your eyes – take up the ultimate challenge and conquer this boundless sea of stars.

Beautifully Rendered Cosmic Warfare
Three thousand years into the future, as the civilizations of Earth set out to colonize the universe, a “Second Galaxy” comes into being. Five emerging nations form an intertwining web of allies and enemies, holding each other in check, and sparking conflict that has now evolved into an intergalactic war epic of a truly unprecedented scale.

Explore an Astronomical Universe of Unique Galaxies
Second Galaxy immerses you in a universe with open world elements, simulating 4,961 galaxies, including planets, stars, dark matter, wormholes, black holes, and much more.

Discover a World of Extreme Sci-Fi Technology
With five series of ships across three specification levels, Second Galaxy presents a total of 150 ships for you to unlock by mastering an intricate technology tree. Customize thousands of different weapons, devices, components, and ammunition types to produce your own fleet of deadly Titan-class warships!

Master Star Gates and Make the Universe Your Oyster
Warp through Star Gates to journey beyond time and space. Travel thousands of light-years in an instant using a network of wormholes to open up new space routes and explore unknown civilizations, lost ruins, and strange celestial phenomena.

Embark on a United Journey in a Seamless Sea of Stars
Second Galaxy allows users around the world to interact in an interconnected world where every player shares the same universe. Enter a world where ever-expanding colony wars are fought by players of the five major alliances through cooperation and coordinated attacks.

Build Your Empire via Real-Time Dynamic Trading
Plunder and produce countless materials, raid neutral trading planets, or try your luck on the black market – each choice you make will occur in real-time and each action and transaction has a direct impact on the game’s universal economy. In Second Galaxy, mastery of the art of trade can sometimes be the strongest weapon in your arsenal.

About Access Permission

For a better gaming experience, we need to have access Recording and Camera permission, so that you can scan the code, use the in-game voice function. All permission will not be used for any purpose other than in-game function.

Second Galaxy user reviews :

I previously gave SG three stars due to server issues, but these seem to be fixed, so now straight up to five plus!!!!!! This game is amazing! I love the whole structure of gameplay, development, sandbox as in storyline/subplot, the whole package. The Ships are awesome, the graphics are beautiful, the music atmospheric…… Ten out of five guys!!!!!!
  • ZlongGames
  • Greetings, Commander. Sorry for the inconvenience. Could you please try to clear the cache of the Play store and re-login your Play Store account? If you still have this problem, please feel free to contact us. Thank you for your cooperation.

Really fun game with lots of exploration and combat. Graphics are beautiful, story isn’t too bad either. Only complaint is the controls. Once you learn them it’s pretty smooth sailing, but learning them can be difficult. The tutorial takes you through basic combat, such as locking on and firing weapons, but nothing explains the other controls for movement, such as stopping, moving towards of away from Target, and such. Would be nice to have a little overview for those controls

As a new game it seems to have a lot of potential. There’s loads to do and, hopefully, collect and develop. Needs a little finessing, the UI isn’t always intuitive, for example. There needs to be an easy reference source, a manual or wiki. Also, please, please sort out diplomatic missions so that you don’t have to go all the way back to your base just to get the “right” ship..! 21 jumps I had to make the last time – 5 to 10 minutes of watching the ship jumping and warping. Yawn! Overall, OK tho
  • ZlongGames
  • Greeting the commander, we are sorry for the inconvenience. We have already forwarded your suggestions to our staff. We are very happy to hear from you~If you have any question, please contact us with more details via Facebook (search for “Second Galaxy”) or mail a GM: secondgalaxy[at]!

So far this game is great! Actually being in control of my fighter is really cool. I play on my phone so some of the buttons are a little small but it’s little things like the one for stopping thrusters but that really my only complaint. Runs well, looks great, can’t wait to see how far it goes!! Just got my destroyer license, time to see how she does!!

Last Update March 24, 2020 :

New functions added: Alliance Fleets, Corp Purchase Upgrade, Threat Analysis Display, Achievement System, Title System, High-Level Exploration Quests and so on.

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