Sevens Code – Expose the truth behind this mysterious world

[Game] Sevens Code

Sevens Code  Skills-based New Generation Rhythm Action Game

A revolutionary rhythm-game system where you control how to play
A beautiful world created by the concept-art group SSS #Unlock over 50 songs and over 300 musical scores through the story
Unique characters bursting with personality and a fully-voiced story with an all-star cast

It is the year 2052 in “”SEVEN’s CODE””, a unified entertainment metropolis where anyone and everyone can enjoy themselves.
A modern-day paradise.

Yuito Kashihara, a high-ranking member of the city’s special SOAT security force, finds himself unwittingly thrust into the trials of SEVEN’s CODE thanks to an enigmatic girl named Aurora. Each mystery only leads to another.
The sudden appearance of seven Pillars. Awakening and Judgment. The idol group HARZiNA, who stand at the helm of gravest of sins. The enigmatic Aurora.
Can Yuito and his allies expose the truth behind this mysterious world?

Recommended Devices/OS
Android 4.4 and above
Devices with 3GB or more memory

The game may run on devices/OS other than the above-mentioned, however, compatibility cannot be guaranteed. We do not guarantee the compatibility of the game, nor will any refunds be issued if the game does not operate normally on an unsupported OS. Thank you for your understanding.

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Sevens Code user reviews :

Do some difficulty fixing. And graphic fixing. It is SO HARD to read the notes timing to the point I just set the speed to 2. Difficulty? I’m no new fella to rhythm games. Sure, it’s been awhile, but I’ve done my fair share of rhythm games. On chaos hard on a LEVEL 4 SONG, I cannot for the life of me get above a B. Now you might be thinking, okay, B is good enough yeah? No. B is a fail, you can’t beat the CPU with a B. Not w a combo of over 200.

Really intresting and good story! The 2 different ways to play the game allows people to comfortably play, the use of skills adds a nice challenge that is also fun. Could be improved by explaining the scoring system though. 5 stars from me Edit: Recently had to transfer my data, the support was extremely helpful

Love rhythm games and this one is top notch! Story mode. Free play. More songs to purchase both with money and in game currency. Art style and music battles are amazing! Overall great game.

Initial Load Screen / Optimization Issue: Game would not load past initial loading screen for S6 Lite. Too bad – the game looks epic.

So far I’m very curious about the story but this game’s story and setting and characters feels just like Cytus 2 which I love so hopefully this game, despite being by a different company, is just as enjoyable as Cytus 2.

One star cause it I couldn’t even play the game it’s just loading in the home screen

The game is great. Great songlist, great concept, great visuals and theming, and lots of things to choose from. But the optimization is horrible…I am on a top end LG V50, so there is no reason it should be running at 10-15 fps even when I turn the settings all the way down…It makes the game completely unplayable because half of my inputs just aren’t registered at that point, and the half that are don’t register at the right times…

Strange sci-fi rhythm game with an extensive plot and full Japanese voice acting! It is developed by former Dance Dance Revolution superstar musician, Naoki Maeda, which explains the fine attention to detail & the various classical EDM songs. Main complaint is that the audio offset options do not go high enough for my Bluetooth headphones, so I can only play with my built-in speakers. Otherwise, great game. Recommend buying full version for best experience but definitely try before you buy!

This is one of the best rythm games I had. I just started playing it today and it’s really aestheticly pleasing! The storyline is good and the visuals are 100/10. But the fact you have to pay for the full version is just dissapointing.

Great visuals, great story, and good selection of songs. But sometime it didnt read my input tap

Great rhythm game. Only bested by Cytus 2 and Phigros

The game used to run super smooth on my Galaxy S9+, and still does to some extent. Due to a broken headphone jack, I play games on my phone using bluetooth, and for the past month or so the game has gotten a lot more stuttery. Ever since I updated to Android 10, notes jitter in both play modes, making it much harder to play well and get high scores. If I play using the internal speakers, however, the problem goes away.

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