Shadowblood – Become the ultimate warrior

[Game] Shadowblood

Shadowblood  Enjoy a limitless Action RPG with ample speed, cool skills, and sophisticated, beautifully rendered graphics

Game Characteristics
Splendid and lively action
Feel the joy of triumph with continuous action
Enjoy the best Action RPG with 6 attractive & unique characters

Diverse Combat Features in Real-time
Be the winner in 1vs1 real-time bloody battles
Conquer the raid bosses with strategic teamplay
Enjoy a variety of rewards by attacking enemies with your elite parties

Various Skills and Extensive Weapons
Experience overwhelming power by combining various skills in your own style
Become the ultimate warrior by collecting more than 3,000 types of armor and Soul stones to defeat legendary monsters

Engaging Storyline within a Vast World
Save the land of Narr from Arcand, the corrupted resident dragon
Become the Shadowblood, the legendary hero, and bring peace back to the land

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Customer Support
Please contact: help[at]

This game requires the following permissions for optimal gameplay.
Permission to access device status for account create
Permission to sync your Google account
Permission to save necessary game data externally

Shadowblood user reviews :

Hmmm looking at some of the ratings I am struggling to be positive gameplay is fine,graphics I’ve seen significantly better but that’s easy to ignore what ruins this game is poor rewards and I mean they are bad and value for money micro transactions are very high cost yet it’s the only way you can get costumes to give your character alittle uniqueness and let’s be honest character customisation is important and theres zero of that

Fun, fast-paced, good controls, very responsive. Haven’t plateau’d yet, but if all you want to do is have a rapid-fore, fluid hack and slash stress-reliever to kill some time, this one’s a lot of fun. Note: if you plan on using the auto-play then there’s no real payoff to sitting there while it goes through the motions (i.e. no big splashy summons or special attacks)

This game is honestly awesome with everything really my only slight problem is that it’s really easy but at the same time I tend to keep my gear high maintenance

I have been wanting to try this game for awhile. It keeps freezing on me before I can even choose a character. I can sign into my google account and then it freezes on me. The music keeps playing but the loadong cir le freezes and it wont go further. I see a lit of people are having this issue. I have tried everything to resolve this problem and nothing works. It’s too bad, it looks like a great game.

Beautiful game. Good graphics good controls a good story line you actually get to kick ass in this game and so far I haven’t spend any money on it. Keep up the good work developer’s. If I can give the game 10 stars I would I’ve installed this game in all my phone’s Everytime I get a new phone and that’s like 2 phone’s a month so that tells you something about this game.

Love the game play, but the only problem is that it pairs low levels to super high levels on pvp. Every time it pairs me, a level 13, with a level 76 or something around that range. I have 306000 health while they have 1,500,000 health. Again, great game, but pvp has a bit of a problem.

Pretty awesome time killer, sweet graphics and while there is plenty of microtractions to be had. It doesn’t feel like you hit a grind wall when not playing p2w Edit. I did want to add though that the game asks for some extremly suspect permissions to access your phone in all sorts of ways it shouldn’t. Of course you can deny these as I have as it seems to have no affect on how you play.

s6 Edge – Excellent. This is not Pay to Win yet, easily collect gear and run Co-Op Dungeons with various Levels. Game Balance – I like Ranged better, however, Melee can be brutal too. If it gets easy, step up a notch. Seeing Game Over reminds you, you can die. Costumes – not necessary, but Fun You get extra Attributes plus if you choose a Skin for your Build – added Benefits PvP – from what I see, its Random Yes, you too can enter and be smahed in seconds by top tier players Actually – PvP is its own system with Character Specialization. Atk / Def for PVP is crucial. Overall – why 5? I couldn’t stop laughing at the Voiceovers. Great Job Graphics / Animation is Great Gameplay – PvE or PvP with Options to Specialize.
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  • Thank you very much for your review and support!

Last Update :

Minor bugs fixed.

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