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Shadowverse CCGShadowverse CCG : One of my favorite games this year – IGN

Multiplayer game of the year – Google Play Japan 2016

Shadowverse is a AAA multiplayer turn-based card game with a fun–loving community of over 1 million daily players!

BATTLE real–time opponents from around the world, or enjoy the fully voiced story mode
STRATEGIZE with innovative mechanics that guarantee epic battles
MASTER seven character classes each with unique paradigms and killer cards
SUMMON 600+ cards, each lavishly illustrated with jaw–dropping fantasy art

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Shadowverse CCG user reviews :

A great card game with a friendly community. Meta based play style(change every patch or so). God-tire animation and card design. Wonderful voice actors both English and Japanese. And to top it all , Awful and awkward Jap-Eng translation for dialogs.

A very fun card game. Loads of different playstyles for each of the 8 factions. Crafting system makes it easier to get the rarer cards. One thing I don’t like, which would be super easy to add; why are the story mode leaders not available in multiplayer? Rewards for completing each leader’s story? Achievement rewards? Even purchasable from the store? No, no and no. They are already coded in story mode with a set of greetings/emotes and everything, so please make available.

One of the best Mobile Games as far as MMO micro-transaction games go. You literally start off with 10 of every pack in current rotation, 100 coins to buy 1 of any pack, even older ones, a few gems for the same thing, or you can save them. There is almost no need to pay in this game, unless you’re just impatient or simply want to. You get another pack every day with missions, you can liquefy cards you don’t need to create cards you need. Perfect balance and awesome graphics, art and gameplay.

Game is basically pay A LOT to play. Rewards are so small and cards in packs are so random that you’ll never be able to make a functional deck without putting cash into the game but even if you spend cash there’s no guarantee you’ll have gotten the right cards to make a deck that works. Deleting negative reviews to boost your rating? Shame on you. Down to 1 star you go.

Fun game but difficult for new players especially in online matches. It is great that they give a bunch if free decks when you start the game but when being matched up in online games you arent matched up with people in the same level with you. So most online games as a newbie you’re playing against experienced players with much better decks than you. This is quite discouraging and I hope they develop a better matching system to allow new players to actually play against each other.

Good game, although there are too many combo cards for my taste. You can be dominating a match then lose out of no where against almost every class. Also, going 2nd is waaaay more advantageous than not due to the implementation of the evolution point system. Overall a fun and cool game with some of the best art I’ve seen in a ccg… But falls short in the long term playability category.

I like the game, but be HONEST about how big it is. It says >90Mb, but then you get a 1.9Gb patch… I reinstalled it last night after a couple months that I had no room for it, and then this morning it tells me to update it again, with an update that apparently came out 2 days ago. Shouldn’t that be part of either of the first 2 downloads it made me do?

Love the idea and layout of this game. So unique in every way! Love how there’s a single player story to experience and how beautiful the animations are. One of the best card games out there! if not the best one!

Fun game that feels less luck based than heartstone. lots of waifu material and variety. Devs provide plenty of chances to earn card packs as well with a new expansion every 3 months.

Beautiful game, can be played in Japanese with friends!

Generous for F2P, competitive enough for long lasting play. Great visuals and smooth gameplay. Voice acting is top notch too. They even do collaborations (currently Street Fighter) for cosmetics. Fyi at the moment the game gives out about 50 packs for free.

It has been a while since I played a CCG, but I’m doing just fine. Yeah, sure, it gets boring after a while, but that’s only because I’ve been only playing with the same strategy all over again. The 7 classes forces me to learn new playstyles suited for each classes, and I’m just fine with that. Also, long live Shadowcraft.

A solid card game with lots of great options, and plenty of throwbacks to Rage of Bahamut for good measure! If you liked RoB but thought it needed more strategy and interaction, definitely download.

Last Update :

New Score Rewards in the Shop
Minor changes to card text
New story chapters

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