ShellFire – Conquer all enemies

[Game] ShellFire – MOBA FPS

ShellFire Minimum Device Requirements

Operating System : Android 4.4 or more
CPU : Qualcomm Snapdragon 430
RAM : 2GB or more
Storage : 1.5GB Mininum
Download Patch / Update Size : 440MB
A stable internet connection is required

Game Features

Game Battle Mode
Fighting 5 vs 5 with the most current mode! Play all Game Escort Battle Modes, Death Match, Capture Points that you can only find in ShellFire, win points or defeat all enemies to get the most kills! You can play everything on ShellFire!

Zombie Rush Bonus Mode
The most 10 intense rounds! The worst dream you can imagine! Beat the Zombie BOSS to get an Attractive Prize, Conquer the Zombie BOSS and get a Special Reward that you can’t imagine.

Rune Game Feature
Combine the 3 types of Rune: Attack, Defense and Support to get strength that exceeds your opponents and become No.1 throughout the Game Mode and Rank Match

Badge / Game Emblem Feature
Conquer all enemies in all game modes and get experience to increase Batches to get a character status bonus that can take you to the top of the ranking

Latest Heroes and Skins Every Week
Get the latest Heroes and Skins in every update with different sensations and fantasies in each skill, conquer all the enemies you face and be a winner

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ShellFire user reviews :

In my opinion the game is great. The only thing is that is suddenly won’t allow me to join rank mode, the reason was for bad behavior. The thing is I haven’t say anything in chat haven’t leave a single match, maybe the reason is because I got disconnect while in the loading screen and it think that I leave the match also maybe because the match the big and no one was in it except for my team, no opponents. But overall the game is really fun and somewhat easy to play.

If its how I remember… it ACTUALLY satisfies my need for a mobile hero shooter however.. there’s a weekly cap on how many (only the) credits u can make from matches; from there ur forced to use loot-crates. The game while fun, is VERY grind-y after a while. Taking a ton of credits to obtain diff heros while still containing a credit cap. Despite the extreme downsides, I still highly recommend giving this game a try

Thank you for clarifying in a professional email. It is clear to me now, that this game relies on battery percentage. With this in mind, the game runs beautifully (with no problems) until my phone hits about 40% battery life. For this effort put in by the devs, I have changed my review to 4 stars!

You guys have a great , no amazing game. but very early on i cam across a problem. i do not use any of those four methods of payment nor do i wish to set up any of those. i set up to pay straight off of google in every game. at the same time i feel you guys are losing money bc id spend perhaps there is a way i do not know about? please help.

As much as an overwatch ripoff and pay to win game it’s still a fun game and the grind to unlock all the characters is fun …. BUT!!,there still can be improvements such as lowering the prices just alittle so it becomes less discouraging to new players and I’m not sure if this is a global thing or just me because there seems to be a delay when trying to use a power move pls can you fix that or notify me in the reply (TIA)

LOOOVVVEEE the game. My only problem is the punishment is too harsh,when you get reported you can’t rank play for a whole day even if you have good gameplay in the fight when you get reported you will still be punished so PLEASE CHANGE YOUR PUNISHMENT METHODS AND CREATE A SYSTEM THAT DETERMINS IF THE REPORT WAS EVEN TRUE, SO JEALOUS PLAYERS CAN’T REPEAT BLAMING OTHERS AND DEPRIVING PLAYERS TO

this game is overall great. there is no pay wall. but I got only one problem and that is the reason of giving you 3 stars. that problem is your island war bcz whenever we try to play island war first of all we have to wait almost 5 minutes and during game loading it crashes and game automatically closes. please fix this issue bcz of this we can’t play this game mode. overall this game is really too good.

I really had fun playing the game and I admit it is a nice game until I reached silver 1 and this game started lagging,crashing and my character keeps reloading for some reason then you guys kept deducting my score saying i went afk I still have 8GB left in my storage and I rebooted my phone twice if u dont fix this i will uninstall the game which is really sas since i actually liked it 10/10 if this didn’t happen…please notice me devs…

I love this game so much! Just please make the matchmaking in rank faster especially in higher tier. Or advertise so you could invite more peole to play. Also, whenever i restart my data connection, the reconnect button doesnt help, i need to restart the game just to continue playing. Please add more heroes too!

Last Update :

Fixed Bug In-Game

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