Shelter War – Save and train the survivors

[Game] Shelter War – Last City in apocalypse (Early Access)

Shelter War  Glad to see you, survivor. You’re in one of the very last safe places on the American continent – your own dwelling against the dad.

Shelter War is a zombie shelter game. The last world standing, the asylum, where you will build a city, develop a bunker, save and train the survivors, and fight the undead nation. Survival strategy is the most important thing in a post-nuclear apocalypse world, full of zombies and radiation. Secure your hideout and build it from the zero points into an underworld stronghold. Hustle about every vault dweller. Fortify your dwelling like a castle. Turn your Z nation into a leading faction.

Beta game features:
A subterrane with dozens of rooms for you to build and upgrade. Make your hideout your castle;
First- and third-person game modes. Survival in apocalypse through the eyes of vault dwellers and in solo quests;
Different training approaches for fallout survivors: military or civil, or both;
Trophy or crafted equipment for squads; crafting of thousands of unique items, crucial for survival;
Campaign mode, featuring hundreds of battles with complex enemies and an elaborate story;
No American dream: just living dad in constant battles, mutants, robots, raiders, and other players;
Cool vehicles, from an apocalypse buggy to a combat helicopter;
The original setting of a post-apocalyptic fallout among hustle and bustle of the underworld.

Coming soon:
Powerful hero to help your faction win battles;
Instanced locations with rare resources in distant corners of the map;
Exploration of Anomalous Zones in a destroyed laboratory and search for unique artifacts;
Bunker’s multilevel crafting system to produce all kinds of items, from canned meat to incinerating plasma guns;
Bunker’s population control, creation of new vault dwellers using high-end biotechnology;
Thematic events, offering players new adventures and rewards.

Work in progress:
Multiplayer mode:
Raiding other players’ fortifications;
Deathmatches in Fighting Pits;
Friendly support and exchange of resources;
Friendly alliances and clan wars.

News and Contests:

User Reviews :

Not a bad game, I like the ideas behind it and the way it plays. But the amount of resources needed to upgrade things and the amount you get just doesn’t make it worth while, I would say it seems more geared towards p2w but what game isn’t these days? Plus half the features don’t actually work. Have a happiness meter that may be included in a future update? Can’t actually join or create a clan? Can’t do alot of things as they haven’t finished the game? Pity as it could be good!
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  • Greetings! Thank you for sharing your opinion. In-game purchases are not an obligatory option, and every player is free to choose whether to use them to make the gameplay easier or not.

Has some good mechanics but can’t recommend in its current state. Crashes regularly and has a tendency to break out in pink backgrounds and textures which is shortly followed by another crash. Thanks to these errors I lost out on the boss fight of the recent event (I’d been working on all day) that was loading and didnt get any of the rewards. After these get fixed I’d recommend it but until then stear clear.

Needs full mouse support for i.e. the many disabled gamers/users…also better randomizer that gives all level equipment, not just upper level. Also more freq. low level enemies. And perhaps better or full views or 360 viewing swipe or slower swipe in battles. And button for inside/outside shelter, not just go to shelter button. Also white specs/numbers hard to see after former/last upgrade with new white clothes on. Greetings Eddie.

This game is promising. The graphics are modern and sleek, animations are smooth. They are a few glitches in the game but its new, we all should know by now this is common. Checked the store and no pay to win, just pay to speed progress. Finding out you can control your dwellers and explore your shelter just blew my mind and can not wait to use this feature when I have a functioning shelter, I hope this feature has some sort of reward in due time.
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Not a bad game! It is new so there are some glitches. It isn’t pay to win, just pay-to-speed-up-progress, which is fair (gotta make money!). Lacks content though. Also… What is the point of the hospital if characters heal automatically? How do I build new weapons? So many things aren’t explained. After a few hours you stop being able to progress thru the story(due to lack of strength and resources) and so the game has become boring. Hopefully future updates will add much more stuff!
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Fun so far but spending $ is a must unless you want to wait days collecting off your farm to be able to build. Edit: Yes, making it completely unbalanced. Without spending you will take a ridiculous amount of time to progress. This game wasn’t intended for free players unless you only like playing a few minutes per day to collect resources.
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Love the game. Just got notified today that it came out. The idea of being able to explore your base in first person is a amazing concept. I can’t wait to see what all you do with this game. 9.5/10 (Edit Dec 6, 2020) Adding the functionality of survivors appearance would be cool. Also the ability to store unused rooms.
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Last Update :

NEW GAME MODE: RAIDS! Participate in raids and obtain new equipment for your Heroes!
Fight in Sieges and gain even more resources!
We changed the game balance and reduced Invasions’ difficulty.
You can move up to three Heroes to your squad. New Hero slots unlock at Control Center lvl 7 and 10.
Golden Skull Tournament ratings and store added. Buy unique weapons and gear for Skull Coins!

Shelter War developer :


Video :

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