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Sign Language ASL  Learning sign language will have you connecting with many more people in your community.

There are many advantages to learning asl such as making new friends, teaching a baby how to talk and if your family is deaf or hard of hearing,

Pocket Sign offers hundreds of video sign language ASL lessons packed in small sized lessons. Learn sign language effectively with our interactive questions:

Hundreds of Interactive video lessons
Learn to sign and translate sign language
Fun questions
Use items to make the learning easier and fun
Learn the sign language alphabet
Common phrases and greetings used everyday
Baby sign language
American Sign Language ASL dictionary
basic sign language phrases

Sign Language ASL user reviews :

The app is pretty good. The teaching method really works, but I’ve noticed that some signs are paired up with incorrect meanings, when I do additional research. Maybe there are more than one sign for any given word or idea, I’m not sure. If that is the case though, having additional information to explain these nuances would be extremely helpful. Aside from this, I’m having an absolute blast using the app.

The app has some good features. As an example, the search function is *really* nice. However there are a few glaring issues. One of them is that the clips used to teach you signs are sometimes poorly edited, making the sign confusing or completely unreadable. The other being that some signs are simply incorrect or are missing parts. If you’re a beginner, this is a decent app. The first few hours of lessons can get you started. However the issues need fixed before I can offer a higher rating.

I recently found out my infant son is D/HH and decided that ASL is best for our family. This is one of the resources I use to learn ASL. I enjoy the bite-sized daily lessons, the flash cards (althought it would be good to have the word prompt so I could practice the sign), and the dictionary. I was highly encouraged by one of the official D/HH EI providers in my county to only use ASL lessons taught by deaf and hard of hearing people as hearing people shouldn’t profit from teaching ASL.

I have autism and downloaded this to learn ASL for the times it is difficult to speak so I could still communicate. However, when demonstrating the different signs, it puts the cards right next to each other and they both play at the same time making it hard to focus on either one. It may be good for teaching neurotypical people ASL but it is not very neurodivergent friendly.

I love the dictionary!! It’s all I use actually because it looks like the rest is more of a treasure game. But the dictionary is fantastic. Search a word, and a person shows you the sign for it. They sign rather quickly but I just watch it a few times. Five stars for the dictionary alone. And I like that the search bar resets so I can seamlessly enter a new word without having to delete the old one. Great function.

The daily thing is cool, but you also need to pay, and not to mention that the asl grammar and some of the signs are wrong here. I do not recommend this app to ANYONE. LEARNING ANY TYPE OF LANGUAGE should be free. Again, some of the signs were wrong. I am not happy with this app. The only reason i didnt put only was star was because of the learning format I wish soooo much that there were an app sort of kije duolingo but for asl. Thank you so much for reading this comment! Have a great day!

Good app, not much available for free 1 lesson a day. Great for a beginner. I find myself not being challenged. Not sure if it’s worth buying for myself. All signs are corewct so far. A few sentences are cut do the first word is not visible. This makes choosing the correction otpion difficult. ASL grammer is different than english, i do wish when you chose the sentence words, it would be in ASL grammer. However it’s marked as wrong. Overall, it’s worth downloading for the free daily lesson

This is an amazing app. When you keep the sentences short and actually apply them to real-world tasks I’ve found I am picking up sign language at an amazing pace. My bike mechanic was born deaf, so this has helped bridge the gap and we are having a blast with the new words I learn and this stuff we stay. It’s really fun! This is such an amazing piece of technology! Please don’t change a thing!

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