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[Game] Silverpath Online

Silverpath Online  War between gurians and humans has changed drastically…

This ongoing quarell for many years, was not even a big deal after the presence of the dragon called silverbreath.

Yet Zelkot, who took powers of the Silverbreath, spit fear and death on humans and gurians, along with slaughters and corrupting the mother nature. You have to stop Zelkot, while his fire is getting empowered each day. The path your are going to follow from the beginner’s village, is silverpath! Talk to villagers, help them so as to go further on world map, make friends, create parties, join to clubs or create your own club and add people online, conquer lands for your club by battling against other clubs.

More significantly, after all those socializing and having fun, You have to destroy Zelkot before he completes his form, yet do not assume achieving this, is going to be end. Surely, your adventure will not be just made of that. Findout what is the secret behind, enhance your skills, discover varied elemental stones and become best adventurer around! Now, get started for Silverpath.

Whole concept along with technical content belongs to Mert Oğuz.


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Silverpath Online user reviews :

First few hours are a steep climb, but once you get the hang of the interesting, tactical, yet free combat system, it’s rather addicting learning new techniques and buffing up your numbers, even more addicting when you don’t even know how much damage the enemy does because you’ve mastered the mechanics and timing. A hardcore game with more reward than difficulty, and from what I could tell, no pay-to-win to be found. I thought the low player count would suck, but mastering the game is fun solo!

To be 100 percent honest, I love the game. Its got a good combat system and the controls are easy. I just have two requests, please make it so that there are more skills and that they are easier to get. Second please add in things like anime swords and clothes or something, people love that and I think it will make a lot of us Weebs happy. Please keep up the good work and I will continue to stick around and play this beautiful game.

Great game, Come a long way since its first release with constant updates always giving player something new to do. Jobs recently added as of this review there is plenty of things to level up and pass the time. Nice friendly community with an active developer to talk to in the discord.

for starter the aiming are not good but will be good after know how the attack pattern works, but hammer for forge is not found yet , for me i didnt know where to get that hammer!

Thanks for the help, also camera controlling is a quite stiff but all in all, a great game

I must be playing this game wrong. Died twice on the first quest where you need to kill a monster named D something. I had my sword but it didnt seem to do anything. There were other people playing this when i was online. Its interesting but a little rough.
  • Mert Oğuz
  • I suggest you to watch Silverpath Online Begginer’s Guide from youtube

I give it 5 brighten star the game I dream and longtime enjoyment is in this game promise I’m m really addicted to this game install this and try u definetly love this game I hope you guys enjoy and love this game because this is the best game u need in ur life to create a wonderful heroine characters that can stay in your dreams and ur dream to be the best.

An underrated game. Simplistic on the surface, straightforward in design, but it’s charming and a pleasure to play. There’s no autoplay function (thankfully) and the progression appears to be balanced. The community is small but with a little exposure and some dedication I’m sure it could grow.

Super fun crafting farming and combat. Its like a cute bobblehead runescape except runscape is hideously ugly to look at. Silverpath wont hurt your eyes like that.

This game is unique and cool, but I hope there is more customization for the characters, like haircolor and other stuff to decorate our characters, i hope the dev sees this, have a great day!
  • Mert Oğuz
  • There are many more hair colors in ingame npc stores, also few more hair styles. Game has really massive world map and only its halfway done yet, there will be even costumes when worldmap and main quest are complete. Check the current elemental systems and make a unique stat build, visual customization is currently limited with colors, many colors.
I actually really like it. It has a lot of charm, which most games lack. Don’t really understand people complaining about cooldowns, it’s not bad and I’m sure once you build stats up the cooldown becomes negligible. Take people’s criticism with a grain of salt, people like to complain. But if you have your vision stick to it. Edit: Ah that makes sense! Well hmm.. when I open settings I push the button it says hp is too low. Also no options show up in the different settings, they’re all just blank. Also thanks for the quick reply!
  • Mert Oğuz
  • Stats are not given you as points, you can simply sum up all of your used an unused stats and check if it is equal to your level. There is a home teleport when you open settings. Also you can go to any town you have visited before with same button when you are in a town. To return home you have to be not moving for a while and have full health.

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