Sim Empire – The earliest human ancient civilizations was born

[Game] Sim Empire

Sim Empire  In the ancient times when story happened, when people began to build cities, The earliest human ancient civilizations was born. You will play a ruler, the small village will be bloomed into an empires.

Civilization included Egypt, Persia, Greece, China, in the game, you will appreciate the exotic scenery, building cities, production resources, scientific research, training troops, and even the construction of the wonders of the world.

Sim Empire user reviews :

I love the game, it keeps me busy. But, the whole mini game thing where you slide the puzzle piece that pops randomly (mainly within 30 seconds of opening the game) has to go. It’s nothing but a nuisance and will not go away until you slide the piece 3 or 4 times (of you’re lucky). I do not need a “break” as soon as I turn the game on. Or at all.

Addictive, I’m still waiting for Aztec to be released (I have it reserved) I’m very picky about building games, the only other building game I’ve ever enjoyed playing is SimCity and this one beats it by a landslide, the design and different culture PLUS the fact that I can have multiple different cities and slowly see them grow is just pure bliss for me. Absolutely love it!

Great game overall. There are some minor systems that I wish would get more attention. The chat system is a bit broken, especially if you’re playing on Mobile. Also the gifting system is broken. Hopefully the dev sees this review, I’d like to discuss how we can make these things better. I’ll give 5 stars if, at the very least, the gifting system gets revamped.

This game is good but there are some improvements to be made. – When a service building is selected all similar buildings should have highlighted service areas to make it easier to determine which buildings are not in coverage and where to place new service buildings. – Show the material requirements for each building in the build menu when selected. – The censorship is a joke. Not allowed:game, ice, making Allowed:as*, fu*king If translated from another language nothing is censored. Please fix.

Interesting but frustrating. I mean, it’d be nice to come back to the game after a few hours to find the quarry or farm I just rebuilt still standing, not collapsed. The chat scrolling across the screen is annoying and indecipherable. The tiny icons are not easy for fat stubby fingers. Game has great potential, and if devs keep fine tuning, will be a keeper!

I’m actually really impressed by this game. I’m on level 14 now. I love the game I just would like it better if you guys could change the chat system. It’s a bit all over the place. It’s really hard to keep up with and we can only type 1 sentence at a time. Also, the game would be more enjoyable if we could get more than 5 gifts per day because there are a lot of times when I want to give or receive a gift and more times than not, we can’t because we recieved “too many” so got to wait next day.

I play Rise of Kingdoms almost exclusively, but this caught my eye from my days of playing Pharaoh. I find it very enjoyable yet very frustrating at times. I don’t feel the need to spend, which is nice. There are a few things, like the maneuverability of the houses and all objects that get you a little worked up but overall I love it. I have restarted a bunch lol, you really gotta plan things well. Great game overall. Anybody who played Pharaoh back in the day should feel some nostalgia. +R70063

So far so good. Full review: This game was really good for me because I don’t like being attached to a game for a long long time. I like that I can spend 10-20 minutes on it, occasionally collecting the money. I go chapter by chapter slow,I enjoy building the game and reading the storyline. I also make sure my people WORSHIP me and that everything is quit organized. I will re organize everything later on! All in all I would definitely recommend this game +R68029

Hi, i truly like this game. I love building cities and it reminds me of cityville but less modern. I just dont like the chat system and the add friend cant add specific accounts. Visitors account is also confusing esp the mail with friends, confusing on whose who. I wish that the trading system will be 24hrs. I also suggest that collecting of tax should be easier or 1 click only. I hope for some developments in the game.

You really need a normal chat system. It’s interesting what you were going for but it just doesn’t work in mmos. People need to be able to easily communicate. Easily a 5/5 once something is done about the chat system. The game is fantastic from what I can tell so far. Also, I would prefer a system where you could move the buildings for free to redecorate and optimize. With how small/condensed the UI is, it sometimes makes it difficult to place buildings precisely where you want them.

I love this builder. Reminds me of pc game Pharaoh. Thanks for recreating it for me. Feedback: when placing a specific building type it should highlight the same placed buildings. This way we can not overlap or overbuild. Also if I have to crowd my buildings it restricts proper city building. You may not listen to these great suggestions which will hinder your captive audience.

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