Simple Metronome – Easily adjustable BPM and time signature

[App] Simple Metronome

Simple Metronome  This application is a simple metronome.

It’s simple but has a very stable tempo, unlike some of the other free metronome applications. And unlike nearly all free applications this metronome has NO ADS so your kids won’t be solicited by dating sites whilst practicing their instrument.

PERMISSIONS NOTE: The only required permission for this app is for Power Management so it can keep the screen on (on user request).


Stable tempo
1st beat accent
Store “Favorites” for quick tempo recall (great for setting tempos for live performances)
Works in background AND simultaneously with other audio applications
Visual click for silent operation

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Simple Metronome user reviews :

It’s exactly what it says it is. It’s very easy to use, with easily adjustable BPM and time signature. My only complaint for this basic program is that if you choose to accent the first beat to know where the 1 is, it accents in a lower tone. For any musician who has a traditional feel for upbeats and downbeats, this makes it seem like it’s accenting the 4 instead of the one. It became too difficult for me to keep the count and I got another app where the pitch is higher on the 1.
  • Ethan Brown
  • Thank you for your feedback, Stephen. It’s a different sound for the 1st beat accent. Perhaps choosing a different click sound would work better for you. –Ethan

I like idea of this simple app. I have few suggestions for this app. 1. + – tempo is so close could be resolved with – button little big, BPM Info n + Button little big 2. place this button at the bottom because these are most used parameters. 3. add space between tempo and volume slider so that no accidental chance on other parameter. 4. Start and visual clue on top. This button are used less compered to others 5. Remove tap tempo 6. Visual color clue on start and stop cheers

Does what it should (plays a metronome beat), doesn’t require any more permissions than necessary, requires very little space, is opensource and has no adds. I’m in heaven :) Thank you, Developer!

This app is great! It’s a straightforward metronome app that’s easy to use. You can also change the metronome sound, including to a rather wet fart. LOL

No ads, no permissions, ho hassle. Very good and highly recommended. (Dear author, i may help you to translate app to the Turkish if you share txt language files or strings)
  • Ethan Brown
  • Wow! I’d love to translate into Turkish! I’ll put that on my list.

Does what it says. I use this app to practice keeping my running cadence at 180 per minute. The volume control allows me to keep listening to podcasts or music, while I run.

I find this app helpful because that’s all it does-metronome. It’s dedicated to that only. Some of the others I have tried bundle metronome in with tuning, lessons, etc., so it limits the metronome options. And I love that I can practice to cowbell!

Fantastically simple. Completely free, no ads. The app is perfect.
  • Ethan Brown
  • Thank you so much, Hazel. I very much appreciate your kind review. –Ethan

Great app but please update so that the setting for “stop audio for other apps is saved” After it’s stopped and you start again the setting is lost. Other than that great work thanks!!!!

Very good for drumming, simple, no ads, you don’t really need more than this. Only thing I don’t like is that you have to go into the app itself to stop it – can’t do it on the lock screen preview, or the dropdown, nor does it stop when you unplug headphones, all of which are ways to stop music playing in any other app. Also wish the click could be louder, since I am drumming to it, but it’s hard to complain when it’s free and I use it every day. Thanks!
  • Ethan Brown
  • Thank you Tom. I like your suggestions for stopping the metronome more easily when it’s in the background. Simple Metronome makes an item in your notification list which you can click to bring you back to the metronome so you can stop it, but it would be easier if there was a “Stop” action right on the notification to save the step. –Ethan
Great app! Simple and easy to use, but also plenty of options for customisation of sounds and tempo, etc. And there are no ads, which is a huge plus to me. Thanks Ethan! Only idea to mention would be that the flash of the visual click feature seems to come before the sound, and end on the audio click. But if you were using the visual one by itself it wouldn’t matter. And admittedly, I don’t know how it’s meant to be, maybe this is normal, and it’s just my perception.
  • Ethan Brown
  • Thanks Zac! Yes, where to put the visual click in time is something I’d like to improve. I think the best implementation would be to have the visual click start at the same time as the audio click. However, I’m using the audio click to trigger the visual click, so there is some lag. All my best, –Ethan
This is really a simple and handy metronome that is accurate and easy to use.
  • Ethan Brown
  • Thank you, Shankar. –Ethan
Amazing app! I downloadeed this metronome for a class assignment, and I kept it, because it really helps when I am practicing. I also love how it’s just so simple. It’s not loaded with unnescesary crud, and overall, it gives a giod experience! However, I think you should add different sounds, like a longer click, or an electronic beep. Thanks for this wonderful app!
  • Ethan Brown
  • Hi Ascher. Thank you for your suggestions. I think the electronic beep would be a good addition. –Ethan

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