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Simple Time Tracker

  Simple Time Tracker helps you track how much time you spend during the day on different activities. Start new activities with one click. View previous records and statistics over time. The app is free and open source. Also widgets, backups, notifications and dark mode.

Simple interface
App has a minimalistic interface that is very easy to use.

Track your activities directly from your home screen.

Works offline and respects your privacy
App doesn’t require an Internet connection or account registration. Your data never leaves your phone. Neither the developers nor any third-parties have access to it.

Free and open source
There are no advertisements, inapp purchases or intrusive permissions. The complete source code is also available.

Simple Time Tracker user reviews :

Great app. I especially enjoy that it’s free of clutter. Many apps like that come with over 9000 preset activities none of which seem to fit me well. This one allows you to add only the things you actually do. One downside is that you can only assign one record tag to every entry. It is a little limiting, but has its benefits too. Another limitation is that you need to go to settings to edit tags. It’d be nice to have a shortcut button on the main screen. Nevertheless, overall – a solid 5/5

Simply excellent. Very easy to use. I’ve tried a few of these apps, and find I stop using them after a day or two. Not this one. Simple to set up. So quick to change between different tasks. And the few occasions I do forget, it’s quick to edit, or even add a new item in. And the stats and graphing is beautiful and intuitive. What a developer. Thank you so much.

Very easy to work with and nice lay-out. Only thing I would change is maybe add some colours (or the whole spectrum) or some icons, as I couldn’t find one that matched my knitting activity. Apart from that, this is by far the best app of its kind that I’ve tried

Cool App. Can’t fault it for what it is. Wanted something to also track supplements, exercises, etc with number input to sum up at end of week, day, month. Seems like apps do one or the other. Time tracking or food & supplements tracking. Right now I do it manually in a markdown note app but was hoping for something with faster input on mobile. An idea for a feature I guess. An optional automatic and optionally encrypted one way sync to Google drive would be nice too.

This is one of the best apps I’ve ever used. It does what it should and that’s it. Nothing pushed down your throat. Nothing you don’t need. Great execution. Get this, be honest with yourself, you’ll be amazed how much time you waste. A great app to help reign in that time you waste. Like money, if you don’t keep track of how you spend your time, it will disappear without a trace. I do sometimes wish it had a companion webapp, but then it would be more than the developers intended – simple, offline, secure.

This app is free. It is designed to track time for predefind activities and then you can pull up stats of the tracked activities. You’re able assign an icon and colour to an activity which is an unique characteristic of this app. This app also allows you to run multiple timers concurrently which is an unique feature.

I’ve used Goodtime for the past year until I found this app, which has way more detailed and useful analytics. There are a few things I wish this app had: 1. Timed tasks to stop automatically with an option to assign a sound sample to this event. 2. Ability to pause the tasks. 3. I wish the bars in the analytics tab showed the time spent on a task in an “XX hour XX min” format instead of decimal time value, which is harder to read.

I love that it keeps a constant clock running of uncategorized time. It helps keep me focused that time is ticking and i should be intentional with using it! Good colors and icons, the pie chart and daily peercentages are flawless. Fantastic, thank you!

hey dev, could you possible add “shared record tags” for example, I have 2 activities with same record tags but I want to keep those activities separated so that each has different activity tag. Currently I have to enter the record tags for both of them separately could it be possible to select some activies and sync record tags for the selected ones?

Fab-u-lous! It’s got a 4.8 overall rating, and that should tell you something right away. For anyone, whether at work or play (or both!) it’s the perfect way to track your day(s). Clear and simple, I find it almost addictive, which is great since I’ve abandoned so many trackers because the hardest work has been remembering to turn it on, set it up and later spend time trying to make sense of the results. But this one is DEAD EASY. Love it.

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