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[Game] Sinful Roses

Sinful Roses  Discover your true love in this unique Romance Otome Game from Genius Inc!

Even as a young girl, you’ve been able to see the demons that ordinary people can’t. Your parents abandoned you. You were taken in by an orphanage run by the church, where you met a kind man. He became your foster father and you began to live with him in the countryside.

Seventeen years later, you find a mysterious book in the basement. It’s filled with strange letters and the last page is gone. You decide to leave it alone.

That night, demons appear and attack you and your father. Your father fights back, but he’s no match for the evil creatures. In that moment, three men in black uniforms show up and save you. The demons kidnap your father and disappear.

The three men introduce themselves as exorcists, all members of the Crusaders of the Rose. They take you to the church, where the bishop suggests that you become an exorcist and utilize your ability to see demons. The bishop says, “If you help us, we’ll help you find your father.”
In order to find your father, you decide to become an exorcist and team up with three mysterious guys.

Will you find your father?
What’s the secret behind that mysterious book?
Who are these guys, and why did they become exorcists?

Thus begins a dangerous romance with attractive exorcists!


The cool exorcist—Gilbert
A cool and composed exorcist. He rarely shows his emotions and maintains a professional outlook toward his job, but sometimes he reveals a shy smile.

The brave exorcist-Brand
A rough and manly young man with a lot of emotional baggage. He can be brusque, but passionate when you get to know him.

The mysterious exorcist-Ariel
An enigmatic member of the order who was sent from the upper echelons. His seemingly-innocent actions often leave you confused and embarrassed. Always has a smile on his face.

Sinful Roses user reviews :

I like dis game, but I think da “GENIUS” should also put da tickets in da “exchange” bcoz I can’t buy da tickets, because I’m just ” a kid”.I’m only rating it 4 star because the rubies are just too costly . But I love da work, KEEP IT UP

This is a fun and funny game, it is also a bit creepy in some circumstances. At the end if you chose Gilbert it is really fun at the very end! I cant believe that was scripted! HILARIOUS!!! Please pick Gilbert

This is my 4th time playing a Genius inc game. This one was boring in the beginning and I almost deleted it but I kept playing trying to engage in the story. It turned out well. I chose Brandon right away. The ending was unexpected. Still bad grammar and misspellings. I was able to earn enough gems to make 3 choices this time so I was happy about that. On to the next game!

I like the style of this story and the songs are also replace in perfect condition and the guys face design also handsome I like this game a lot thank you for this lovely romantic adventurous game

I love it and it it’s amazing but I downloaded apps and games to win more points for rubies and when I went back in the game to see if I got them there was no new points or rubies

The game is amazing but I wish I didn’t have to play other apps to get points or pay for gems, tickets and points.

Great I luv it and am playing it again and again and its beautiful I chose the one I luv and it turned out mi choice was perfect I felt luv and affection this game the graphics r great

Beautiful graphics, good dialouge, and very engaging. I felt like I was in the story! But I love the endings and how each ending is very different. My favorite ending was with Brandon.

this was a great story! i laughed a lot at the characters and the jokes. the characters arent the best looking, but i could be because i prefer the look of anime guys.

Love the games (all of them!) But can there be more than one mini game….like games that you can unlock after a period of time, such as (pointless) flirting games that also have a waiting period so the people that play wont get bored or puzzle mini games…sorry if this was a waste of time but i had to say it. Thank you and Farewell -Pearl

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