Skillful Pixel Dungeon – Fight your way through the dungeon

[Game] Skillful Pixel Dungeon

Skillful Pixel Dungeon  A roguelike RPG game with 4 classes, 25 levels and 5 unique bosses.

Each class has 6 unique passive skills and 3 unique active skills.

SPD is now on GitHub:

Fight your way through the dungeon and defeat mobs and their champions. Use a wide variety of weapons, armor, wands and potions.

Capture the essence of mobs and use them as servants!

More than 40 skills, 4 classes, 4 types of champions and 5 types of mercenaries.

Play the campaign and follow a unique story line.

Join the discord to discuss ideas:

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Skillful Pixel Dungeon user reviews :

Merks are attacking allies in the available campaigns and summoned creatures when playing the game.They do not attack the player,fortunately.But if the player summons a creature the mercenary will target it and vice-versa
  • BilbolDev
  • Mercs should not be attacking your summoned allies. Does this always happen?
the fact that you removed the best difficulties and made it the standard (easy,normal,hard) pisses me off
  • BilbolDev
  • Nightmare difficulty returned ^_^, hope you reconsider that rating 8

I loved Pixel Dungeon, and then I found Skillful. The awesome additions and additives make the experience that much better and add to the replay-ability of the game. Solid 5 star for me.

I love it, but there’s a bug in the scenarios where the militia and mercenaries just keep killing each other, ignoring the monsters. Sometimes even Hatsune’s echoes start doing that. It makes the scenarios way more difficult than they should be.

This is DEFINITELY my favorite out of all the pd games….. It’s not crazy hard and it seems to have a lot of additional detail to the gameplay. It’s very fun! I really hope to see continuous updates! = ). I ALWAYS love seeing more storyline added.

The gauntlet mode is so poorly made as to ruin the game, the complete and utter failure to understand balancing difficulty makes it an unplayable slog.

Well, one of the best pixel dungeon out there (if you didn’t try this and see my comment, my boi go and try this)

“You enjoying this Hatsune” Me: watches as she fights the general and all the mercs that were supposed to be on the same side

The game is good but there is one problem.. in hatsune’s missions the generald and the army and temari fight each other, instead of winning fights easily it becomes harder as they are fighting each other. Please it needs fix

The game is great and I’ve played most of the mods of the Pixel Dungeon and this is one of the most developed. But i gotta say that the whole system needs to be refined a bit. Luck shouldn’t be the extremely overpowering factor in the game, leaving little to no room for strategies. The hunger system should be a little less on the forefront, so that the other more major aspects of the game could be enjoyed more. The too frequent “You are hungry” irritates me to no end. Needs some immediate work.

Nice skills advancement tree. But why does it freeze…after getting killed? . . It hasn’t happened again. Maybe my other apps were just auto-updating in the background. . . After getting killed, I was pressing buttons to start another run, nothing was happening like it was a hang or something like that. Had to go back to my main screen and restart this app. . . Will let you know if anything else comes up. Thanks for this game, I enjoy it a lot!
  • BilbolDev
  • Glad you enjoy it ^_^ Let me know if that issue occurs again

TBH I love this a lot. The game is so much fun and it’s a lot easier then some of the other versions of pixel dungeon but there’s a really bad bug that will probably end with a lot of people deleting this, there’s a bug where you get stuck somewhere forever, it happens when moving, attacking, picking stuff up basically anything that takes a turn, when ends up happening is it’s almost like you get stuck in the waiting animation that plays when monsters take there turn but it never ends until reset

You replied to my last review. I like the skill system, I just feel like you don’t get as much out of it as the old one. But, It did make the Huntrest stronger. I just feel like there should be passive level up skill(s) like when you hit 10 or so. Becuase I never have enough strength as the Warrior to use Plate armor, even after leveling it up atleast for a while. I think like level 10 he should get 2+ strength or something, Huntrest immuting to mystery meat affects, ect. BUT, you did balance it.

The game is amazing like the other pixel dungeon games made(your games are one of my favorite). I will be waiting for the next updates for my final review. I was hoping u can sooner or later add the concept of overgrown pixel dungeon, since it had alot of weapons, potions/elixir/super, scrolls/elite, new hidden living plants creatures. I hope the maps can be like sprouted pixel dungeon but a little smaller and more affects/enchantments, seeds, and add some more artifacts and keep the 100 dewvial

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