Skip Rummy – Get rid of all cards from your own player deck

[Game] Skip Rummy

Skip Rummy  For all fans of rummy, solitaire, and “Spite and Malice” card games: try out the new, refreshing mix of rummy and ‘Spite & Malice’.

The rules of the game are simple and easy to understand.

The objective of the game is to get rid of all cards from your own player deck. To achieve this, each player gets a certain number of auxiliary cards in hand.

Cards may be discarded on the discard pile in the middle of the table. Discard piles are formed by placing cards on them either in the order 1 to 12 or as sets with the same card values ​​(e.g. 2,2,2,2). Newly started discard piles must be at least 3 cards in size.

‘J’ cards act as wild cards. You can represent any number you want.

The game round begins with the player picking up a minimum number of auxiliary cards from the deck. If he has at least 3 cards in a sequence or set, he can start building a discard pile in the middle of the table.
A player can discard as many cards as possible in a round.

If he cannot discard a card or if he does not want to, he ends his turn. Then it is the next player’s turn.

The game is intended for an adult audience.
The game does not provide “real money play” or an opportunity to win real money or prizes.
Practice or success in social casino games does not imply future success in “real money games”.

Skip Rummy user reviews :

Great game. Love playing. The only problem is the ads during the game. They was only 5 seconds which was crazy enough but now they all are 30 seconds long. I want to play the game w/o all of a sudden a ad appears. Before and after the game is understandable, i get that. But during not for me

This is a great game. Game play is smooth and the computer characters play fast. You don’t have to pay to play, like in other games. Can play as may hands as you want. Thanks for a great game!

The game itself is great, but the app crashes 5-7 times before you can play it. It’s only the games by this maker that crash like this. Very very frustrating!!!

I really enjoy the game, it could be improved with better short key strokes but other then that I have fun with it.

Great game but what happened to the free jokers everyday when you logged in?

Fun game it’s the luck of the draw. Very entertaining.

Just started playing this, and most are saying it’s hard but just read the rules on this page, ITS really not! And pay attention to your opponents card that you CAN see, their next card. Try not to give them moves! Play a 2 player and if you pay attention to their next cards and hold off what you have in your hand so they cant win, even if it means just passing, you can win, because then they CANT MOVE! I figured that out by playing twice and now I’m having SO MUCH FUN PLAYING! Just a little tip

I went as far as paying not to see the ads, it was a fun game. BUT now I am having an issue just understanding the scoring and placement meaning. It doesn’t seem to change no matter how often or how long I play. Wish I had not invested money bcuz I would uninstall.
  • PB Softworks
  • Hello, please update the game to the latest version. Thank you for playing.

I decided to be rater #1! LOL The game can be tricky at first. I uninstalled, then decided to install again. Once you get the hang of the pattern, it can actually be a fun game. You can choose from 2 to 4 players ( 4 being you and 3 others, 2 being you and one bot ) and can choose difficulty. It is a bit different from Skipbo where you do not need to start at 1. I recommend trying this.

Brilliant game, took me awhile to work out how to play but once I did loved it. Played 5 games so far and not won a game yet, but so addictive. Only downfall is to many 30 second ads, hence only 3 stars.

Really fun game. I like that I don’t win or lose all the time. Feels like fair play against the robots.

Of the three Rummy type games I’ve installed, all by this company, I think this is my favorite. My only gripe is that we should be able to see the scores of the other players the entire game, not just at the end.

So far so good. Just started playing it so I will wait to give a final review. So far it seems to be a good game. I do know how to play Spite/Malice and I love that game, and I also know how to play Rummy so it’s just a matter of getting used to putting these two together, reading the rules and learning how to play well. I have played a few times, won a couple, lost a couple. Still trying to get used to what I am doing but it seems fun!!

Fun card game. Easy to learn how to play. Not overwhelming and easy to step away to do something and then coming back to continue playing.

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