Sky Bandit – Take on the path in search for lost riches

[Game] Sky Bandit

Sky Bandit

 Enchanted Mist swept the world.

Ancient kingdoms were burst apart and scattered into floating islands stretched across mystical skies. Rising from beneath, mysterious creatures spiral upon ancient artifacts and treasure. Adventurers and scavengers by sheer will and combat ability, take on the path in search for lost riches.

The adventurers were known as – Sky Bandit.
Sky Bandit is a casual hyper RPG with simple fly action gameplay but deep skill strategy mastery. Fast paced, reaction based, immediate response scrolling combat with hero upgrades and powerups will challenge your reflex and focus. Idle rewards, collectibles, equipments, and bounty tasks will also help you along the way.

Intuitive single-finger mechanics
Casual fantasy hyper RPG with in-depth character progression

Endless exploration in open skylands
Flying aerial combat with swarms of ancient monsters

Claim chests. Collect powerful stones
Your unparalleled fighting skills shall be your greatest ally

We are Macaca Games, creators of award winning games such as Beat Stomper, Push & Pop, Sky Surfing, and Close Line.

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Sky Bandit user reviews :

Great casual game. Great graphics. Overall a lot of fun. But, why is there an auto feature ? It honestly makes the game pointless… I’m actually super upset about it.. why make a great game and put all this effort into it and basically make it so your players dont even need to play it… ugh, sometimes I question devs now days on all video games. Where did we lose our touch and grasp on fun games. Did some of the first games ever made have an auto feature?! Why make games and not play them?

So far, pretty fun! The artstyle is adorable and the gameplay is not too complicated. One small complaint i have though is that the illustrations are a bit pixelated. The art is amazing but it just seems like they were drawn on a small canvas and upscaled to match the game. Overall, good game! Edit: OH! Haha, sorry my graphics setting was just not on high. My bad! Anyways heres a 5star for your efforts!

I LOVE the visuals and music, the gameplay is fine in itself, but tbh there’s not much to do after that, rinse and repeat. But I have good expectations from this game and I think it’ll be a lot better in the coming future with more “Heroes”, maybe skins and much more.

Game is very interesting. Only thing that needs worked on is the movement from side to side. Feels a little lagged, other then that the game runs smooth.

I love chest system so much not wait cooldown just have a key. Music and sound very good. It all First impression to play at first time

I have down loaded the game & I can’t even open this game and u ask me to rate it. Everytime I want to open it, it jumps back to Play Store….

Inovative gameplay, good music, have auto play, playable offline.

the newer updated version is a whole lot better. keep up the good work

Great game ever play, can play without wifi (offline)

look Amazing Game I’m enjoy it so much

Simple and easy to understand

seems fun, want to see where the developers go with this

very fun game!

Last Update :

Fix loading issue in ver.1.1.6
Fixes the problem in the event [Mine of Cataclysm] Optimize Stone UI
Better Stone Balance
More Friendly Difficulty Curve
Fixed several bugs

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Video :

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