Sky Patrol – Avoid damage and get boosters

[Game] Sky Patrol – shoot ’em up

Sky Patrol  Crush them all! Alien attack! Join the war battle.

Be an air fighter. Strike & shoot. Fun & new. An old school & airplane action game 2D! Save the world with this amazing and free flying simulator! Sky Patrol is a shooting combat of strategy and tactics. This is a war battle with arcade game mechanics. Move your air fighter, strike and attack the enemy, avoid damage and get boosters. Improve your flying skills to defeat bosses and upgrade your plane!


Beat ’em up 2D shooter;
Dozens of ships, jets, weapons, and upgrades;
Hundreds of levels with a high-quality unique design;
Multiple combat arcade mechanics;
Challenging air battles with space invaders and bosses;
Lots of different enemies
Intuitive HD interface;
Smooth playing on all android, google devices;
1 player, a free single player game.

Common misspellings for the games of this type in Google Play: “Alin shooter”, “alen shooter” and others.

Download Sky Patrol: a free airplane shooting scroller! This is Fun and New! Don’t let the aliens conquer the world and the galaxy!
Choose a plane, defeat your enemies and become a real ace. Shoot ’em up! Crush them! Good luck!

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Sky Patrol user reviews :

It looks like a reasonable knockoff of HAWK but within the first 20 levels you’ll notice there’s only 3 planes (4 counting the one you have to buy) and the level maps start getting recycled like you’re trapped in a Hanna Barbara cartoon. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is just a quick cash-in clone that will never see the further development it promises and exists solely to sucker people into cash transactions. Play it til you get bored but don’t expect more content and DON’T waste money.

I like what you’ve done with the game so far! Excellent graphics! I hope to see more unlockable planes and levels in the future. My only issues are that the audio is way too low and the frame rate needs optimization (animation lags a bit). And as many complained, I can’t advance past level 30 when cleared; please fix that when you can. I see a game with great potential, so please keep working on this.

Fun game and time killer, but level 30 is where it stopped for some reason. I smashed the wall, three stars on all levels, and three planes that have ascended twice, but still won’t go to level 31.

Wow interesting big time killer game make sure not to bring up different changes that will kill the fun of these game other than adding new chapters, bosses and planes and most importantly dont make it a pay to win game so money spending dont wreck d whole stuff

Looking good at first play, graphics and audio well good and plays smooth. Bit of a steep learning curve, some tricky bits in the first few levels but overall worth a shout. Will return later to update when further along. Ciao.

Great game, kinda reminds me of Sky Force Reloaded. Could use a weapon upgrade system a way to save progress and switch devices. And sound becomes muffled and low once the stage starts. Oh yeah excellent job on the visuals water looks amazing.

Was a good game until I got to level 30. Then it wouldn’t let me go any further. Upgraded my plane as much as I could but it didn’t make a difference.

Does the game ever change? On to my third ship upgrade and its the same old scenario time after time. Click on map and that never changes from level 30. BORING.

Stunning graphics. Enemy is a bit too tough. Great starter plane is Thunder Strike.

Something wrong with the sound. Very low and when I turn it up on my phone it gets even lower until I go into settings. Very odd.

Would be 5 stars if I could progress past lvl 30 I have unlocked 3stars on lvls 1to 30 but IT WILL NOT UNLOCK LVL 31 ? WHY? After latest update bug still there level 31 won’t unlock…

Great game initially.. but not able to get past level 30.. always reverts to level 20 hard??

Love these types of arcade style games sinse I was a kid playing them on table top at the back of pub…they never get too old..8)

This is a great game but won’t go past level 30. Just says I have to complete levels in order which I have done?

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