Sleep Beats – Perfect for studying and concentration

[App] Sleep Beats – Binaural Beat Generator and Brainwave

Sleep Beats  Generate your own binaural beats and then layer with your own music or choose from the included ambient music and white noise.

Perfect for studying and concentration or to transition into a sleep state of mind to help insomnia.

The purpose is to listen to the binaural beat at a low volume with music overlayed so you only hear the noise subconsciously. This will create the desired result. Adjusting the binaural beat frequency can create different results such as meditation and improved sleep.


Generate your own unique binaural beats
Transition between two selected binaural beats
Shutdown timer that will fade the binaural beat when reached
Layer your binaural beat with your own music or choose from included white noise sounds or ambient sounds
Useable offline
Night Mode Theme

Binaural Beats Explained:
A binaural beat is an auditory illusion perceived when two slightly different tones are presented, one through each ear. The illusion occurs by the brain filling the gap between the two tones to create a new tone which is the binaural beat. Listening to certain beat frequencies can promote certain activities such as meditation and sleep. It is recommended to listen to the binaural beats at a low volume and layer with white noise or music so that your brain only hears the frequency tones subconsciously.

Benefits of Binaural Beats and Brainwave Entrainment
Binaural beats are great for helping transition to a sleeping state to help insomnia
Brainwave entrainment is excellent for getting into the correct focused state for study
The binaural beat brain waves from the audio can help remedy tinnitus
Binaural beats are a good choice to cancel outside noise similar to a white noise effect
With the use of selecting certain frequencies, you can alter your brainwaves and experience astral projection
Binaural beats can transition your brainwaves to a lucid state for lucid dreaming
Binaural brainwave entrainment frequencies in the 10Hz range are perfect for getting to a meditation state of mind
Adding a binaural beat on top of meditation music can improve the ability to meditate
Using a binaural beat is a great way to help do astral projection.

Brain Wave Frequency Ranges
Gamma: 30 Hz and above – Heightened perception
Beta: 14 to 30 Hz – Awake, normal alert consciousness
Alpha: 9 to 13 Hz – Physically and mentally relaxed, awake but drowsy
Theta: 4 to 8 Hz – Reduced consciousness, deep meditation, dreams, light sleep, REM sleep
Delta: Below 4 Hz – Deep (dreamless) sleep, loss of bodily awareness

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Sleep Beats user reviews :

Pros: Better-looking than most binaural beat apps, can fine-tune the beat frequency Cons: If you press and hold too long on the sliders, you get a pop-up to adjust the volume of that side only. I never want this and it original drives me nuts when I’m trying to dial in the exact sounds I’m looking for. Paid version isn’t worth it–doesn’t even add more sounds to combine with.

very clean, pure tones … would be nice to have a more versatile timer that let you program stops during transitions, like going from beta to delta over two hours with a 30 minute stop at alpha but that would make it a six … what the developer has included works great and that deserves a five. Forgot to mention i only use it with Bluetooth earbuds and it pairs and plays perfectly with all three of my sets — LG (BT 3), JPAD (BT5) and BEATS (BT5, I THINK, MIGHT BE 4)

Great control of the binaural beats. It has really helped me start dreaming again. The added sounds on the pro version could sound better, but overall, I am very happy with it.

Excellent app for simple use, even at backgroud, timer and transsition from Hz.

A simple interface for an app that does exactly what you needed it for.

it really works .it is the right wave for the things we need to control

Thanks, this is the type of app I was looking for.

Great app and I’ve tried many. A few things I think would make it even better. 1. Allow the transition and white noise, ambient ect. to be part of your saved customized program. 2. Consider having a “step down” transition in addition to the gradual transition to pick from. Great job guys. Please make it part of the family library.

Very tricky but if u click the right buttons you’ll have LUCK for years

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