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[Game] Sliding Puzzle – Wooden Classics

Sliding Puzzle  No matter how many exciting games there are in every genre, the good old sliding puzzle will be played and remain very popular.

If you like puzzles or complex brain games this app is the first choice for your smartphone. It won’t let you get bored and will keep your brain busy.

This classic 15 puzzle features attractive name and intuitive authentic interface of the famous board game. The app has a ton of distinguishing features not found in a regular sliding puzzle game:

Game statistics screen showing your achievements at each difficulty level.

3 board sizes (4×4 – Easy, 5×5 – Normal, 6×6 – Hard) that are easy to grasp for a novice and will challenge your brain when you get more experience.

Intuitive interface allows cell dragging with your finger just as in the real game. You can also click a cell or move several cells in one row at once.

Enjoy naturally looking wood material during the game.

Offline mode allows to play the sliding puzzle with or without active Internet connection.

If you want more challenge try to increase your speed of thought by beating your best time in each game.

In this game, a fairly convenient and intuitive interface is implemented, the color gamut of natural wood is pleasant for perception of the eyes. However, the simplicity of this application lies only in its interface, and then the most difficult games and tasks begin, so that a good brain training is provided to you.

In addition to a user-friendly interface and a perfectly implemented idea, the application 15 Puzzle: Classic wood has tangible improvements, such as the availability of the statistics function and the ability to play non-stop, which greatly simplify the gameplay of such a complex puzzle.

Fifteen game: Classic wood is a simple interface, intuitive gameplay and nothing superfluous.
Training for the brain is always needed, but not all games that develop logic and memory may interest the user for a long time. All because of the fault is not a properly organized interface, or a really boring game idea. But in the case of the game Sliding Puzzle: Classic wooden everything is different, in addition to properly implemented gameplay, made improvements and other improvements, this application really will like. In the tag you can play at any time convenient for you.

You can download logic games of various genres anywhere, but the tags are really exciting, time-tested and entertaining game for your smartphone.
Love difficult games, or if you are a real fan of classic Fifteen, then this application is just what you need.

Sliding Puzzle user reviews :

I love the game. And to make it more relaxing the game can start at the first movement of the tile, instead of as soon as creating the grid. Just a thought.

it is a good game when I wanna play at ur free times…but the options are not really many,if u could add some more options it would be really better

Good game and work But sometimes it’s got hang Fix it

good one, to keep brain active. good for kids as well

This game is so relaxing after a days work that sometimes I forget to pour myself n my wife a drink before we enjoy ,our dinner good game

i find that this game helps relax my brain when I’m stress or tired it makes me feel a whole lot calmer when I’m doing mathematics lol and i find that i am able to come up with the greatest ideas and solutions for problems while I’m playing without even thinking about the issue. however the occasional advertisements can be annoying at times and I’d like to see a preview of the picture/farm puzzles before the raffle

Amazing app. I am interested in puzzles. So I liked this app. Relaxing interface. Exactly what I needed.

Great game, fun, relaxing, and entertaining. But at times tiles disappear under other ones and makes the game impossible to complete and move any of the other tiles. If this wasn’t occuring, it would be a 5 star. Please fix this! I love this game.

The game is interesing, but i think it will be best if it was a time game, like you have to solve a puzzle before you run out of time

Good. If only the transition of tiles when you move them is the same when you play this game in real life… but this is phone that’s why it’s slow. Love the app thanks.

Fun game, clean interface, highly recommend!

Super fun having levels to cater for those looking for a distraction and those looking for a challenge

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