Smashgrounds – Struggle towards each other until they all fall

[Game] Smashgrounds .io: Ragdoll Fighting Arena

Smashgrounds is an epic & funny 3D ragdoll fighting battlegrounds game with totally crazy physics simulation.

Kill, destroy & smash knockout ragdoll dudes through insane levels, arenas and escalating modes. Fight with up to 10 players, struggle towards each other until they all fall. Choose your favorite skin type (human guys, stickman dudes, beastly gang, wacky superhero, robots), unlock unique weapons, customize your teammates gang & gather some allies to assist during crazy hilarious battles! If you fall or stumble, just start over & keep going!

Dive into oddly obstacles & ridiculous 3D challenges. Throw some traps, bombs, tornados & have fun fight with ragdolls. Challenge your skills, join the ultimate gang fighting simulator and take a part of this ridiculous physics battle arena. If you liked funny dudes & wacky online multiplayer fight games, this insanely epic stumbling fighting game is definitely exciting to play when bored!


 100% Physics Simulation (Active Ragdoll)
Amusing, Silly & Crazy Physics Fighting
Multiplayer-Styled Quick PVP Gameplay
Campaign, Deathmatch & Team Fight
More Than 100+ Skins/Weapons/Traps
Totally Fun Battlegrounds
Epic Fast-Match BattlesJoin the endless ragdoll battles, have fun with ridiculous physics simulation!

Smashgrounds user reviews :

Crashes after every level on multiple devices. If you uninstall the game you lose all your progress. I wonder if you lose your purchases to.
  • Hi. We will fix this soon in next update.
Really great game. One thing whenever I play multiplayer PvP and I finish a match, it closes the application and I have to re-open it
  • Tq. We will check this issue.
I like this game but It has so many problems 1 is that when it shows me a reward it makes me watch an ad but that’s not what i think is the problem it’s because sometimes the ad dosent plays wich is all the time i thought there would be an online multiplayer mode and can you make the bots a lil harder all I need to do was keep swinging my weapon really fast and they die immediately and you need to be in the actual game for the daily reward system to work
  • Hi. Make sure internet connection is enabled to receive rewards. The enemies proficiency will increases alongside with your rank/lvl, so try achieve higher rank for stronger battles.

The game’s pretty decent, I liked how you get an option to use Automatic swing or Manual Swing, Manual swing is pretty cool because you can just roleplay as a helicopter and kill people randomly, overall Game’s pretty decent, its fun and its worth it

Hi the game is great but once you get too level 100 there is nothing else to do. Can you please add a wepon that is like kai’s wepon from kung-fu panda 3. Also can you add some more modes like capture the flag or something
  • Hi. We will add daily quest mode + daily tasks soon. Then a lot of new weapons & skin will be added after that.

Really fun game. Weapons pickups would be fun in game. Buttons are a little too close together, maybe a different setup would be cool. But still awesome!

Its a nice game and i wish there is an online mode and offline mode

Pretty cool the game is easy great time passer leveling takes a while though but the gameplay makes it easy to get by

I love it but one thing I wish is that there was a secret attack maybe two special in the ground attack when somebody’s knocked out

Great game just I wish there were custom games were you could play with friends and I would enjoy a new co-op mode

Awesome wacky physics based game campaign is great graphics are good and overall great frickin game well done

The game looking nice when I see the pictures and gameplay. From the reviews I’m guessing this game will be entertaining and fun to play.

GREAT GAME although keeps on offline mode and online but great GAMEEE laging not because of wifi theres online and ofline

I enjoy the way it makes me feel when I have a gun in each hand and I’m surrounded by these people who have NO IDEA that they’re about to get riddled with bullets for my pleasure and my sanity too. Some people won’t understand how I can get so much enjoyment out of a simple game like this. I’m going to keep on screaming racist slurs with NO REGRETS! As I excucute everything in site.

I wish they were more ranks instead of just stuck at rank 100 besides that I think it’s a pretty epic game

It’s a fun game, had a laugh playing it, recommend to download it.

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